Ontbijten met uitzicht over het water

5 x sleeping in Meersburg

If you saw my article last week with the nicest towns around Lake Constance, you might have also seen that my all time favorite of the list is Meersburg. Therefore I went looking for the 5 best places to stay for a few days in this fine German town. So 5 x sleeping in Meersburg.

Lake Constance Meersburg

Hotel zum schiff

The hotel zum Schiff is perhaps the best place to sleep. It’s on the lake so you have a view of the water. How nice to have breakfast when you get up with a cool breeze from the water over you?

The hotel itself is in the category somewhat dated or you can also call it German cosiness. Haha … Anyway, the rooms are spacious and look fine. And you can dine there as well.

More information about staying at this hotel can be found here.

Sleeping in Meersburg

Romantic hotel Residenz am See

The Romantik hotel Residenz am see, is also situated at the waterfront (the name says it all) but on the other side of the water. If you want to sleep in Meersburg, this is also a fine waterfront location. More info about this hotel can be found here.

Sleep in Meersburg romantic hotel
Romantic hotel
Breakfast with a view over the water

Apartment Seebrise

If you like a bit more privacy, you might consider choosing an apartment where you have everything under control. A good choice is for example Apartement Seebrise, which has the caption mit musik und wein. I don’t know if you get that for free. Haha …

sleep in meersburg

The apartments are new and well equipped. They are not right on the water but a little away from it. You can choose an apartment with or without a terrace.

Check here the information about the apartments.

Old post Meersburg

The old post office, or Alte Post, is also in a prime location. At the lake. Check here the information about this hotel.

Old post

Ferienwohnung Braun

Another holiday home is Ferienwohnung Braun. With the plus that it is really in the middle of the old town. Right next to the castle of Meersburg. It doesn’t get much more central than that!

Check here the information about this place

Ferienwohnung Braun
In the middle of the centre

Delen is fijn!