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Pretty little Polop

5 x Things to do around Calpe – Spain

When we stayed in Calpe we weren’t planning on spending all day at the pool so we did some stuff around the city. Five things to do around Calpe!

5 things to do around calpe such as climb to the top in Guadalest

Things to do around Calpe

It’s time for a bit of a confession: I love sun and sea but I am totally not someone who spends more than an hour on a beach. Any beach. I get bored easily. I find it too hot. Too crowded and just not my thing. So when we went to Calpe we – of course – visited the beach once but that was enough. Calpe is nice but it is a smaller version of Benidorm. A better version, mind you, but since we got our own pool at the little house we rented from friends, there was no need to stay at the beach. Other than take a few quick snaps as proof that we had been there. But staying in a house all week, just lounging by the pool? Also not my thing, so time to find out what there is you can do around Calpe. Hence my five things to do around Calpe

Things to do around Calpe - visit Polop
Pretty little Polop

Climb the mountain in Polop

Polop is around 15 kilometers or so from Calpe and is a pretty quiet and lazy little town. It’s an adventure all in itself to navigate the small streets with a car (ok, it wasn’t all that exciting but it might be for the faint of heart) and prepare for a bit of a climb if you want to visit the castle on top with a cemetery to go along with it. To be entirely honest we did not go up to the cemetery as it was the middle of the day and far too hot. But I’ve heard it’s nice to see. Probably best to go in the morning.

Visit the Guadalest castle

Guadalest also has a castle on top of a hill. It’s beautiful and worth the climb. Well the views are beautiful, the castle itself is… well it’s a castle. The main attraction here is the tiny white chapel perched on a cliff that just looks incredibly photogenic. Also from the top of the castle you have gorgeous views over the surrounding area. Guadalest is almost the same distance from Calpe as Polop. Be aware that it can probably get very busy here. We were not in the main season so it was ok but it would probably be a day trip from Benidorm so prepare for buses full of tourists if you’re in the main season.

Try the local food in Benissa

Sadly we did not have time to visit Benissa. A week is really, really short but while we were almost at the end of our vacation here I got a tip from an Instagram follower living in Benissa that we should try the local Arroz de seńoret. I thought the story behind it was kind of funny. The dish originates from the back in the day when the rich gentlemen didn’t want to dirty their fingers so they wanted their paella with everything cleaned from shells and such. So the dish is essentially a paella but without any bones or shells in it. If you have time go and try and it out let me know how it went!

Eat in the fancy harbor in Denia

As food tends to rule most of our travel we got a tip to go for lunch at a restaurant called Basta! in Denia. Denia – or at least the Denia harbour – feels a bit like the equivalent of Monaco. If you see the size of the yachts you understand why. It’s fun to see and do a little quiz if you can find out how much those boats cost.. (hint; it is a fortune that will never be mine!)

Things to do around Calpe - maybe not Benidorm
This image says it all….

Wonder why people go to Benidorm

You can’t go here and NOT visit Benidorm. I can’t possibly imagine why you would ever want to spend a holiday in Benidorm though. We went there because we wanted to see it for ourselves. To know where the Benidorm Bastards come from. And trust me when I say that you see them everywhere. Possibly slightly more well behaved than the original bastards but still. It’s filled with elderly people staying here for the winter months. In wheelchairs, with little walking racks and such. And there is nothing wrong if you want to spend the winter in Benidorm but I kind of think there are much much nicer places to do so. Just my thought. But go and have a look for yourself and marvel at the madness of Benidorm.

Or go to Valencia (much better option) and sleep here

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