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7x eating in Zagreb

7 x eating in Zagreb

Eating in Zagreb

Alexandra already gave you some tips here on things to do once you arrive in beautiful Zagreb. But of course all that walking around makes you rather hungry. So you will need some addresses to sit down for a bite, a coffee or a full dinner. And there is plenty to choose from for eating in Zagreb, so you won’t starve. That’s for sure.

Great food in Zagreb

Zagreb is busy but still quite relaxed. There are more locals than tourists. And there are so many bars, cafe’s and restaurants that it is impossible to try all of them in short time but we visited a few I wanted to make sure I share with you.


For a delicious cup of coffee and tea you can go to the cosy Torta di to. It has a terrace by the sidewalk but also one in a small square where you’re away from the sun if it’s hot. I had a super delicious brownie plus. Recommended!

Eating in Zagreb - Torta i to


Agave is one of the more upstate restaurants of the city and it’s a great spot to sit on one of the terraces that are slightly elevated above the street. It’s a bit quieter than sitting by the street, you have a better view and you can see everything that’s happening on the street below. The menu is surprising and tasty. I had the pork neck with lentils and a ridiculously delicious chocolate cake. Funny also that they serve the wines from Petrac Winery where we went before.

Eating in Zagreb - Agave


Sjedi 5 is another fun little coffee shop with a small outside terrace hidden in green and where they are famous for their very instagrammable colorful coffee. Of course it’s not much more than artificial coloring which they add into the melk foam but it looks fun and the coffee itself is delicious. The colored muffin is a mix of hazelnut and caramel. Also delicious! (the only downside of a cafe with a name like this is that I kep singing ‘Slim Shady’ by Eminem for the rest of the day.

Eating in Zagreb - Sjedi


Velvet is located in the Uppertown of Zagreb and again here you can find a good coffee, some small snacks and meals and another fine outside terrace. Velvet has two places next to one another : white velvet and black velvet. White velvet is opened until about 3 pm. Black velvet goes on longer. I guess that’s what the name comes from.


The Dolac Market is a large market in the centre of Zagreb where the locals come to buy their daily fruit and vegetables. The red umbrella’s and the building around it make it a fun place for a stroll. And for buying some fresh fruits.


Mundoaka is in the middle of Zagreb centre. Again with a large terrace outside and – you guessed by the name – a good place to eat streetfood. We both had a pulled pork sandwich and although tasty, there were so many different flavors in the one sandwich that we almost missed the pork. A little less ingredients would have been much better. The baked potatoes that were served alongside were perfect though.


Kato is right next to Mundoaka and is more geared towards the Asian kitchen. We didn’t eat here but it looked cool. But the downside of having lunch; you can usually do it only once a day. I couldn’t find a link to Kato but if you’re going to Mundoaka you’ll find Kato next to it. As you can see there is lots to choose for eating in Zagreb.

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