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ikdoorbaukjeHe! Good to see you here. My name is Simone and I am the one behind Paper Travels.

Ever since I was young I wanted to discover the world, travel and go away. But times were different back than and my mum got sick from even looking at cars so we didn’t go all that far.

I did have wild plans to work abroad. Picking grapes in France or working at a kibbutz in Israel but of all those plans nothing really came true. It was either never the right moment or it was a lack of money.

It took me until 1997 before our first trip overseas to Mexico (Yucatan) and ever since that day we are hooked. I travel more than Tom as I get to do so for work too. Follow me along on our trips!



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Welcome to Paper Travels

Hi! My name is Simone. Travel addict, photography nerd and foodie. On Paper travels you will find travelstories, travel tips, photography tips and the best restaurants and hotels. Good food is always the leading factor in most of our travels, because that is what makes any trip more special!

Travelplans 2018

March: Blankenberge, Belgium
April : 3 weeks roadtrip East-USA
May : Turkey
May : Baden-Wurtemberg
June : Nedersaksen
Sept : Newcastle