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About Paper Travels

Started on 24th of september 2019

Any posts that show with a date prior to that are moved from an older travel blog 🙂

From a very early age on I wrote down every single thing that happened when we were out traveling. It started with our very first trip abroad. I must have been 12 or maybe a little older. Over time my notebooks went from simple text to a complete diary filled with photos and things I collected during my travels.

Of course than digital happened and I started writing less on actual paper and more online. But in memory of those days I thought Paper Travels was a perfect name for this travelblog.

About Simone

Born in the year 1963 I am somewhat older than your average travel blogger. But that gives me a unique perspective of all things travel for anyone traveling over 50 and beyond. If there is anything I dislike, it is the fact that apparently being over 50 means you need to go on fifty+ trips, get discounts and more of that nonsense… Of course if you get older your take on life will definitely change and while you might have been a backpacker in the day, you might now feel more inclined to use a luxury hotel or at least something of a roof over your head.

How I travel

I am one of those people that like just about any kind of travel. From city trips to jungle hikes and from tropical destinations to my own country. You’ll find it all here. I was born in the Netherlands and that is where I still live with Tom, my regular travel buddy, and our two cats. We travel mostly together but sometimes I travel alone.