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Affordable and delicious food in Perugia – Dal mi’ cocco

Something is bothering me… How do Italians stay so thin?? Do they have a secret weapon that the rest of the world is unaware of? After spending three weeks in italy (and eating pasta virtually twice a day) I have gained a few extra kilo’s. It’s a good thing I do not live there!

Take our trip to Perugia: lovely town by the way and if you’re in Umbria definitely a must see. We picked a spot for lunch through an app (kind of forget which one, but I think it was foursquare) and went in search of Dal mi Cocco.

So much has changed by the way in how you choose where to eat! Now you take a closer look whenever you arrive in a destination. Not by looking around but by browsing an app that instantly tells you where to go for the best food. It will give you the option to go to google maps and you instantly have directions. No more getting lost in a city and stumbling upon hidden gems. Not that we always use the apps. We still like getting surprised but in this case we were particularly hungry.. 🙂

Dal mi'cocco | papertravels.nl

Dal Mi’ Cocco is a little bit outside of the centre so you do have to go there specifically. We were just in time. If we had arrived 15 minutes later it would have been completely packed. Full of Italians by the way which I think is always a good sign. They serve a fixed menu for the ridiculously cheap price of € 13,-. Antipasti (bruschetta), primi ( a HUGE amount of pasta) and after that a secondi. And let’s not forget dessert.

To be honest we thought it was a bit too much. We each got a plate of papardelle for the primi and in the middle and extra shared plate of pasta pomodori. The papardelle alone was more than enough to fill our stomachs. But apparently it was quite normal as each table received the same amounts. So I repeat; how on earth do the Italians stay so thin??

But anyway, for the price and for the amount you get it is a total winner. The food is local and just very delicious. Simle but good.

Dal Mi’ Cocco is located in Perugia on the Corso Garibaldi 12.

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