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Along the Belgian coast: Lunch at Markt XI

Eten bij Markt XI | papertravels.nl

Food that is a level up

Sometimes you visit a restaurant that just jumps out. For us that was the case at Markt XI this time. The building was a bit tucked away between some other shops and it would be easy to walk past it. From the outside it is hard to tell what is on the inside. It was raining cats and dogs during our visit so we were way too early really. But standing outside in the rain waiting for the right time to arrive was simply not an option.

Uit eten bij Markt XI | papertravels.nl

So we were the first guests to arrive. Always a good thing so I could snap a few photos without bothering anyone else. Or having to make sure people wouldn’t pop up in the pictures. We were greeted by Katrijn and were placed at a fine spot near a window. We chose the market menu of three courses and no wine arrangement. I don’t know about you guys but having lots of wine during lunch is a sure way to get me to sleep for the rest of the day.

It started great with two small amuse and lovely bread with great butter and great olive oil. Isn’t it funny how much you can tell from just the kind of bread you are served during the meal? Benny is the head chef (and husband to Katrijn) and was busy preparing the first course in the open kitchen.

Each course of the three was a pretty sight to look at. The picture above on the right shows the dessert with the very common title of rice pudding. Not what you expect in a fancy restaurant right? O and the rice was hidden in that small tube you see above. It was insanely delicious! Anyway, to make a long story short: highly recommended if you’re in the area for lunch or dinner. The price of the market menu was € 42,-. We had to pay a total of € 115,-. That was including three glasses of wine and coffee. Not cheap but worth it!

Markt XI is located in De Haan, Driftweg 11 (closed on sunday, monday and tuesday)

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