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Belgium coast

The weather didn’t play nice when we left for a short break to beautiful Blankenberge. But what can you expect when it is still March and the season hasn’t officially started. It was wet. It was very wet. And while it is fine to walk around under an umbrella, it is never a good thing for getting pretty pictures.

If you love architecture, Blankenberge is a must see. In the second half of the 19th century this coastal resort was thriving and the so called golden era or Belle Epoque is visible throughout the city. It literally means “beautiful time”. A time that got abruptly stopped at the start of the first world war.

The Belle Epoque buildings are spread all around Blankenberge and there is even a special route you can follow by following the special marks in the sidewalks. A good start is the Belle Epoque museum; a small but charming museum that shows all the highlights of that particular time. I especially loved those pretty old posters!

Belle Epoque museum |

It gives you a good idea of the order of things back than. Did you know that people actually had to pay to go into the sea?  More on the Belle Epoque Center.

Huisje van Majutte (home of Majutte)

Not too far from the museum is het huisje van Majutte. Apart from being famous for their beautiful buildings, Blankenberge also has a rich fishermen’s history. One of the oldest remnants of that time is a tiny, tiny cottage. The cottage was bought by Peter and Lena in 2015 and they have turned it into a small museum of sorts. They are lovely people and so enthusiastic that that alone would be a good reason to visit. You can also have drinks and a few local specialties in the place as well. They entrance to the museum is for free, but in return it is very much appreciated if you have a cup of coffee, beer or a snack.

Huisje van Majutte |

Slufferkoek and Majutte trutte

Peter can tell you great tales of the history of the cottage and of course you have to try the traditional ‘slufferkoek’ and drink the local liqor ‘Stientje Kervel’. Or both!

The original kitchen is still visible inside the house

Blankenberge |
Scary babies crawling the casino

Along the zeedijk (that is the street running along the beach) you will find lots of eateries. We went for lunch at Silversand. Of course it was raining when we were there but when the weather is better you can sit close by the beach and watch the sea. When you pass the casino, don’t forget to look up and see those weird babies crawling along the walls… A bit odd but a sight to see…

We slept by the sea in  hotel Riant Sejour. With a beautiful view of the pier. Have a look at the picture below. Nothing wrong with that, right? View from our room.

Shopping is another thing that is abundant in Blankenberge. During the high season it is no doubt a popular area. When you go make sure to visit the brand new store of Escape Home & Travel . I love concept stores like this where you can wander around and find new treasures in every corner. And of course I would not be me, if I did not come back with yet another notebook. But than again, you can never have too many of those right?

Disclaimer: This trip was made possible by the Flemish tourist agency and time to momo

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Simone van den Berg

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Written by Simone van den Berg