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Bandia game reserve – Senegal

Bandia game reserve in Senegal

Safari for beginners

I had already given you a small preview of the Bandia Game Reserve in my post on the lovely giraffes. But of course there is more to see in Bandia than just the giraffe. Through the years and through the centuries most of the natural wildlife in Senegal has disappeared. Due to the pressure of city expansion and poaching.

Bandia Game Reserve

In Bandia they are reintroducing the disappeared wildlife species. This is a gradual process and most of the animals are coming from South Africa. At the moment there are no large predators yet but that might change in the near future.

Monkeys and more in Bandia Game reserve

Not your typical African savannah

The area is 3500 hectare big and you do feel like you’re on a safari on an African savannah (which you are of course… duh) For someone like me who has never done a safari before, it is a great park to spend an (early) morning. Because of the absence of predators the animals in the park are not shy. Not that you can approach them within touching distance. They are still wild animals and should be treated as such. But it is not too hard taking pictures of them. The only predator in the park when we were there is a hyena. And that one is fenced of. So no threat to the animals there.

Antilope at Bandia game reserve

When you stay in the Royal Horizons Baobab hotel Bandia is an easy distance away from the hotel. I think it was roughly an hour drive from the hotel. Do bring your telelens for the trip. I have used a 100-400mm lens for most of the photos but any camera with a reasonable length will do. And some wildlife is even easy to get close to. Check out the ostrich below. Very close!

And just because I can… a few more giraffe pictures.. 😉

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