Banna Plain of Jars Guesthouse – Phonsovan, Laos

Banna plain of jars guesthouse |

Time for a bit of negative review on a hotel that we went to in Laos. Quite frankly, the reason we slept there was the Plain of Jars and while impressive and pretty, it really wasn’t worth the enormous detour we had to take of two days. We slept one night in Banna Plain of Jars House and that was seriously one of the worst hotels we ever slept in. And believe me when I say we had some dodgy ones..

On arrival the scenery didn’t look very promising as the hotel is situated on the ‘highway’ through Phonsovan, one of the most depressing cities we have come across in Laos. There are a few restaurants along the road, but seriously, I would avoid Phonsovan and especially this guesthouse at all cost. Speaking of cost, it’s virtually free with an average price of 13 euro a night but still it is too much for what you get.

Banna plain of jars guesthouse |

The rooms are tiny (although there seem to be varying sizes) and the bed takes up all the space. The bed itself is dirty, the matras was very damp and we had no windows. The room itself was smelly too and let’s not even discuss the ‘bathroom’. Apart from that the noise at night was also quite loud. I put in my earplugs so I can’t really tell you what the noise was, wether it was other guests or outside noise, but whatever the case… don’t stay here.

If there is no other option I would seriously rather skip the Plain of Jars but that’s my personal opinion…

Banna Plain of Jars Guesthouse

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Simone van den Berg

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Written by Simone van den Berg