Best places to eat in Lefkas – Greece

Where to eat in Lefkas |

Lefkas is a small island of course so driving across doesn’t take you all that long. We stayed there for a week in august of 2017 and it was long enough for us. We slept in a lovely appartment from Eliza was here, Olivetto Villas. It’s a convenient location so in it self I would recommend it but I did not like the way they treated their cats. There were quite a few cats around the place and I certainly don’t mind that but some of them were literally starving. And in fact I think one of them died while we were there. They did not look all that well. So if you’re a catlover you might want to avoid the place.

Good place to stay!

I do realize that animals in general are treated differently in Greece but still… Something to think about. For us it is a reason to not go back to this appartment specifically.

Ristretto for breakfast – Lefkas city

Breakfast at Ristretto |

Our appartment was located just outside of Lefkas city and there are plenty of places to pick from for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We tried out the breakfast at Ristretto. A small and hip place close to the roundabout near the harbour. Also really good for your espresso fix. We had the pancakes and an omelet and had coffee of course! Definitely the place to go to if you’re looking for a really good cup of coffee.

Dinner at Seven Islands |

Taverne Seven Islands – Lygia

This restaurant for me is the ultimate Greek restaurant. It is located on the border of the sea and if the wind is the wrong way you get sprayed by the salty seawater… You can even book a romantic dinner for two on the small pier. But also on hot days it is a welcome change as there is a small sea breeze and most importantly the food is fantastic. Be sure to try out the fresh fish from the grill. The place is run by a Dutch woman and her husband. A lovely couple too so definitely recommended. I think we ate her virtually every night after discovering it. If you want the table on the pier book at least a week in advance and also for the rest of the table a reservation is a good idea as it can get rather busy.

Dinner at Thymari |

Thymari restaurant – Lefkas stad

Fine dining in Greece is not something you do very often. Or at least not on the islands with it’s abundance of touristic spots. But to be honest after a few days of “traditional” Greek food I long for something a little different. While I love it, most places don’t go any further than the average moussaka, souvlaki and the like. For a different experience Thymari is a good place to go. It’s expensive, certainly for Greek standards but for a special night it is delicious. It’s still a lot cheaper than dining in the Netherlands is so just a look at the menu and see if it is for you. Make a reservation as they are popular. Dinner at lighthouse garden |

Lighthouse garden – Lefkas stad

If you can’t get enough of the traditional Greek food than it’s best to skip the restaurants on the boulevard in Lefkas City. They are mediocre at best. Go into the smaller side streets and you will find a few hidden gems, such as the Lighthouse garden. A little tucked away but not too hard to find from the main shopping street. We ate here twice.

Rachi, Exhantia

They call this the restaurant in the clouds and when we arrived (photo on the left) there was not a cloud in sight. So we were a little puzzled what the name could mean. But while we were seated there and watching the paragliders take off from the mountain, it soon became clear. Out of nowhere the clouds came drifting in and within minutes the view was reduced to zero. Like being in a really thick fog. The food is good here. A little more expensive than the average but they also serve different food from the average so again a welcome change if you’re tired of another Greek salad for lunch. And if you’re the adventurous type you might want to try out the para gliding next door. It looked pretty spectaculair anyway.



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