The 10 best restaurants in Savannah – USA

Olde Pink house - Savannah

Southern Belle Savannah

To be entirely honest; when we arrived in Savannah we weren’t immediately impressed. We had just arrived from Charleston and while we instantly fell in love with this pretty city, Savannah took a little getting used to. You have to give it time and Savannah will grow on you. It was a good thing I had booked three nights in Savannah prior to us leaving. There is plenty to see and do in Savannah and it has some fantastic restaurants!

Before you start to wonder if we really ate in ten different restaurants in those three days, I can tell you that we did a food tour so that is why we visited more restaurants than would normally be possible. The foodtour is highly recommended by the way. We booked it through Savannah taste experience and our guide was Jake. The tour took a total of three hours and is fun for an afternoon. I believe they have several tours to pick from. Ours started at the Andaz hotel.

The 10 best restaurants in Savannah

Allright, over to the restaurants!

The olde pink house

The first day we kind of accidentally bumped into The Olde Pink House and walked in to make a reservation. The reviews here were great and so it seemed like a good option to try. The restaurant appears smaller on the outside but when you walk in it turns out there are several floors. We ate upstairs in a rather large room. It is quite noisy due to the buildings acoustic. Apparently there was a table close to us that was particularly noisy as four different groups where led to that table and requested a different one after about five minutes. We were seated next to a window and had no issue with the noise.

olde pink house

The food was good and in that sense it a fine place for dinner but I didn’t think it was as spectacular as the reviews promised. But a good choice nonetheless.

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter is one of those hip coffee places and in the reviews the coffee was the thing that got the most phraise. Which was funny as we didn’t think the coffee was all that good.. It is located at a corner and has a couple of nice outdoor seatings available. It’s a bit windy which is welcome when the temperatures go as high as they did. It’s a popular place for breakfast and lunch and probably also for dinner. We had coffee there and the next day we had lunch. Which was great. I had a lovely beetroot salad and Tom had something that resembled bacon and eggs for breakfast. Anyway, fun place to go!

collins quarter

Treylor Park

Judging by the name I had expected it to be something resembling a food truck park. But it isn’t. Treylor Park is wildly popular and so you might have to wait a while to be seated although we had no big issue getting in unannounced. It’s crowded and busy but the food is absolutely delicious. Not sure how to best describe the cuisine they have but whatever you do: try the taco’s! I had the bacon and cheese taco’s and they were delicious. We had hummus as a starter and fried oreos (!!) as dessert. The portions are big so sharing is a good idea.

Treylor park - Savannah

The Ordinary Pub

The Ordinary Pub was also part of the foodtour. They have funky dishes on the menu that sound weird but are surprisingly delicious. We got a dish during the tour with a name I couldn’t possibly remember (it was that long) but it was a sort of a cross between a donut and pork belly slider. Sounds weird but it was utterly delicious. We wanted to go back here for dinner but the disadvantage of the Ordinary Pub is that it is located in a basement. So it is dark, hot and noisy. Which is fine in winter or when going out with friends but we wanted to be able to have a conversation so we decided to stay above ground… Still a good place to go though.

Ordinary pub

Green truck pub

For THE best hamburgers to eat (veggie and meat options available) you have to go to the Green Truck Pub. Again a hugely popular place. We had to wait for a bit at the bar before we got a table but people are waiting in line to get in. I think we were lucky in the timing. So you’ve been warned. In a lot of these places it is not possible to make a reservation. We didn’t check it here so have a look at the website if you’re thinking of going. And it is worth it, as the hamburger was totally delicious. We chose the Whole Farm hamburger. One that has everything on top. If you love burgers, go here!

Green truck

Molly McPherson’s Scottish pub

Yes, you’re reading that right. A Scottish pub in the middle of Savannah. The pub is run by an actual Scot and if you love English pubs, the beer that goes with it and the food that goes with it, than this is a good place to go. I loved the atmosphere and the beer is great. We went there during the food tour and got a cottage pie. We went back later in the afternoon to have a beer.


Tondee’s Tavern

Thé local dish to try in Savannah is shrimp and grits. Something of a polenta dish with shrimps. It is on virtually every menu you will find and you can get it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. To be honest I didn’t think it sounded all that appetizing so we hadn’t tried it before but we got it during the food tour and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Tondee’s Tavern is also famous for their cheese cake and you should definitely sample a piece of that. Delicious!

Tondee tavern


Looking for a more upscale dining experience that the restaurant in the Andaz hotel is a good choice. it was the start of our food tour and we had the Fried green tomatoes with shrimp. I believe this is another local favorite.

Pie Society

De Pie Society is not so much a restaurant as more of a place to get English pies. They do have a couple of seats available inside and out but it is not big. They have delicious pies and savory things as well.


De Fitzroy belongs to the same owner as The Collins Quarter and if you visit one you’re probably advised to go to the other. It is located in a beautiful building that used to be a gym. We didn’t make a reservation (as we were told by Collin’s that it wasn’t necessary) but they were full. We could get a spot at the bar but it was noisy and we decided to not stay. So we ended up going to Treylor Park instead. Fitzroy is a hip place but with bad acoustic again. If you’re ok with that than definitely a fun place to go. They have great cocktails too.

All in all Savannah is a really fun city to go to for a couple of days. A good app to use when you’re in the US is  ‘Open Table’. It makes it easy to make reservations for restaurants. Or to look for a restaurant in the area. I like to use Foursquare for the latter though.

Delen is fijn!