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Brainfart #6: Would you go on a 50+ trip?

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Deep down I think we would all like to stay 30 forever. Because, let’s face it: getting older is really not all that much fun. But that’s just a side note. There is something I have to discuss with you and that is the concept of the ’50+ trip’. Just to be clear: I do fall – in theory – in that age group. There is not a grey hair on my head that would consider ever booking a trip that is advertised as 50+ though.

I mean seriously? A 50+-card? Are you mad? Why is there such a card anyway?? Are you demented when you reach 50? Do you need a special pass to showcase that fact? Is there a rule that tells you to not travel with younger people when you reach that golden age of 50? What is it?? And why??

Lots of question marks, as yes, I do get a little confused when I think about the whole concept behind it. I just don’t get it. The weird thing is that 15 or 20 years ago I had no problem whatsoever with that card. Probably logical as I did not fall within that age category so if that 50+ card existed? Whatever. Not interested.

Kind of the same feeling I currently have with the 65+ card. Because it will take some time for me to reach that point, I am not interested yet. But still the 65+ card sounds a little different from the 50+ one. Most people will retire around 65 or at least that used to be the case. And that means less money. Any discounts are welcome at that point I guess. So in that sense I can understand why you would have a 65+ card.

But that 50?

Googling (it’s a word. Really!) I found an organization that supplies the 50plus card. It’s the foundation of getting older in a convenient way. (loosely translated from Dutch) By just hearing the name of the foundation the hairs at the back of my neck start rising. The card itself costs you €13,75 and for that amount you get “all sorts of fun discounts from fun entrepreneurs”. You lost me already.

Every self respecting 50+ wouldn’t join in that kind of nonsense right?

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From young to old

And than there is the trip with all 50+ people….

If I don’t understand the 50+ card, there is one thing I get even less. And that is the 50+-trip. Why is that needed? When you talk about group travel one of the things that I loved and love is the combination of various ages travelling together. I liked that when I was in my thirties and I still like that when I’m in my fifties. We’ve gone on trips where the youngest was 25 and the oldest 75. How cool is that? Of course I still feel really young and active (most of the time anyway) and I do not feel the need to book a trip with only old people! Even when they are all the same age as me!

Because that is how I feel when I think about a 50+ trip.  I’m sure it is incorrect and I do apologize upfront to all the people that do love to book trip like that. Now that we get a little older I do find we tend to book less group trips and do more solo trips or trips with friends (which than theoretically ends up being a 50+ trip anyway. Lol)

Just cálling it a 50+ trip in itself makes it have a geriatric feeling.

Would you go?

So tell me honestly; would you go on a 50+ trip? Assuming you are healthy in mind and body. And don’t feel 50+? Would you? I’m curious to know!

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