Causeway foodie tours and how to catch a fish

Causeway foodie tours

Causeway foodie tours

“Would you prefer baking bread or would you rather go fishing?” was the question we were asked by Tourism Northern Ireland. It seemed obvious to me that baking bread was the logical choice. But I wasn’t traveling alone and Ellen – my travel partner in crime – thought fishing would be much better. I gave in pretty quickly thinking it would probably also make for better pictures. Or so I hoped….

Causeway foodie tours

Storm on the horizon

The closer we got to that fishing trip, the worst the weather became. The rope bridge at Carrick-a-rede was closed due to the stormy weather conditions, so we feared the worst for our fishing trip the next day. But Rod and Kerry from Craignamara guesthouse assured us that a little wind was nothing and they called to confirm that yes, it was gonna happen.

When the alarm rang the next morning at 5.30 am I wasn’t all too sure it was such  a good idea. We arrived in pitch black darkness in the Portrush harbour but supposedly all part of the fun. If that can be called fun..

Causeway foodie tours

Our crew of the morning was Wendy who started Causeway foodie, Charlie the deckhand and Richard (I think his name was Richard..) the captain of the causeway lass. Apart from the two of us, we shared the boat with 8 German (golf) dudes. The weather was a little rough and while getting to the fishing location we had to hold on to the boat tightly to prevent falling over board (well it wasn’t all that dramatic but I like making it sound a little more adventurous of course..) I was particularly happy with Tom’s fishing jacket and pants. Wind- and watertight.

At certain point we had to catch our own breakfast as that was the whole point of the trip in the first place. Charlie explained how it all worked and with some reluctance I started fishing… I just moved my fishing rod a bit, not paying a lot of attention and all of a sudden I felt something move…. “I think I caught something” I said carefully but soon it turned out that I had caught not one, not two, but three mackerels in one go!

Catching three at the same time

And right after me Ellen caught a few mackerel as well. It turned into the joke of the day. The women on the boat caught the most fish and those German man caught almost nothing. Haha.. I’m sure they didn’t particularly like that but they were good sports about it.. At least while we were in the same room. lol…

Causeway foodie


Time on board of the ship flew by and before we knew it we had to go back to the harbour. The wind was picking up again too and it was rough enough as it was. Once back in the harbour the fish were cleaned and taken along for breakfast.

Causeway foodie
Filleting the fish

Breakfast with freshly baked scones and clotted cream


Since the mackerel had to be prepared first we started with some delicious warming ginger tea (or whiskey if you wanted) and fresh scones with cream and homemade jam. Delicious!

The clotted cream was made with Irish black butter. Super delicious!

After the starter we continued with our own caught mackerel with black pudding, Irish sodabread and a poached egg. That’s what we needed after a morning at sea!

Causeway foodie

All in all we had a fabulous morning and if we would have had more time I would love to do some of the other foodie tours with causeway foodie. Because there are many.

Never thought I would actually enjoy a fishing trip (although to be honest, I’m not planning on doing more of those… ) and end up being the top angler of the morning. Ha!

Delen is fijn!