Club Marvy – All inclusive reinvented

Club Marvy

In the article about Royal Horizons in Senegal, I revealed earlier that I am – previously – not a big fan of the all inclusive concept. On the whole, I just like to look for nice little places to stay and I prefer to sleep in a nice B&B rather than in a massive complex.

Club Marvy

But then there was the amazing Royal Horizons in Africa and a year later I got to go and discover Club Marvy in Turkey. If I had to choose which of the two I liked best, I’m afraid I can’t. Both hotels are absolutely fantastic, but of course the atmosphere and location are very different.

If you are more of a European type of person then you should go for Club Marvy. Prefer something more exotic? Then check out Royal Horizons.

It actually started off well when we arrived at Club Marvy in the middle of the night. We were welcomed by a number of employees with a drink and a snack. Despite the fact that it was now three o’clock in the morning.

We went straight to bed, as looking around extensively in the middle of the night is not really advisable.

Oasis of green

The whole resort is quite large but because it is split up into small blocks with apartments, with lots of green in between, you never have the idea that it is massive at all. Even in the restaurant where all guests eventually come together, it is well set up.

Outside there is a pasta section, where you can make your own pasta or pizza, and at other places you can find fresh sandwiches or have your own sandwich made.

The same goes for the seats in the restaurant. You can sit in the main room or on the terrace outside or one of the many other places. By making something in different places on a small scale, you never have the idea that you’ve ended up in a ‘food court’.

The restaurant focuses on local and many of the products you can eat here come from their own organic farm. This philosophy and attention to nature and sustainability can be found throughout the complex. From the quiet earth tones of the rooms to the food on your plate.

18+ section

Although I have nothing against children, I always like it when I’m somewhere where I can choose whether or not to sit by the pool with screaming children around me. At Club Marvy, you can choose to stay in the 18+ section, which extends to the apartments, but also has its own beach, private pool and even its own restaurant.

The 18 + section is located a bit further away from the main building but you don’t have to go there as you can go to the special restaurant. Do you want to go to the main building but don’t feel like walking? There are buggies available to drive you back and forth. Also handy if you are less than mobile.

By the way, the whole complex is built on and around mountainous terrain so that makes it a bit more difficult if you would come with a wheelchair. Although I think provision has been made for that as well. But it’s handy to check beforehand.

Infinity Pool

Apart from the beaches and the sea, the resort has two large swimming pools. One of which has an infinity pool

Infinity Pool

They even gave careful thought to the towels. And there is a towel service available. You won’t find boring white hotel towels here, but everything in natural colours and materials.

When you’re done swimming and sunbathing you can go to one of the many shops near the main building to buy some nice things or you can hang out in one of the bars with a cocktail.

All in all, I will definitely be returning to Club Marvy. If it is up to me, this year, but how it will all turn out, nobody knows yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Club Marvy is located near Ă–zdere about 1 hour drive from Izmir. In the vicinity you will find Kusadasi, Izmir and the excavations of Ephesus.

By the way, check where you are going to book. At the prices are really crazy high right now. At Vakantiediscounter your flight is not even half the price.

Club Marvy

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Club Marvy

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