6 x culinary shopping in bruges

Last week I already shared my top 8 restaurants in Bruges with you and today I’m going to look at the other culinary tips for Bruges. Of course, we all know that Bruges is best known for its chocolate. If you go on a culinary shopping spree in this fine Belgian city, you will literally stumble across the chocolate.

culinary shopping in Bruges

Our B&B host already warned us not to fall for the trick of cheap chocolate. Good chocolate – he said – costs at least 30 euros a kilo. All those bargain prices with a kilo of chocolate for 10 euros or less? We had to run right past them.

Jam from the Landhuys

If you are a fan of a good jam and you like some special flavours then you should really visit the Landhuys. We came across this shop more or less by accident. We were on our way to Bruges for a tour around the city and in one of the first streets the shop window of the Landhuys caught our eye. If you’re talking about culinary shopping, this is the place to be. Especially when it comes to jam.

Buying jam at the Landhuys

The shop is really stacked from top to toe with jars of jam or as they call it in Belgium ‘confiture’. You can find them with and without sugar in countless varieties. And the store itself looks beautiful too. The owners of the shop even wrote a book about it which you can also buy in the shop.

Chocolate from The Chocolate Line

As I said, Bruges is known for its chocolate. And when you talk about chocolate you can’t ignore Dominique Persoone and his shop The Chocolate Line. The chocolate hero gets his chocolate from Mexico himself, has become known from various TV programs and you may know him from the chocolate shooter. I think our own Sergio once sniffed this chocolate too, but to be honest I’m not sure. Haha …

Either way, a visit to The Chocolate Line is highly recommended. Not so much because the shop itself is so special, but you can’t go culinary shopping in Belgium without buying some chocolate. This time we went for the chocolate pillows which are slightly different in Belgium than we know here. Here’s a crunchy biscuit under there. We really had to try these from our host. So we did. Definitely delicious, but the real hero of The chocolate line is of course the regular chocolate. Definitely try it!

The olive tree

If you are a fan of olive oil and vinegar you should definitely visit the Smedenstraat. Also known as the most delicious street in Bruges. Here you will find the Olive Tree where you can choose from more than 80 kinds of olive oil, various vinegars and of course the necessary other delicacies. This one is definitely not to be missed on your tour of culinary shopping in Bruges!

Brewery Bourgogne de Flandres

Bruges has a number of breweries but after a tip from Jody from Ongewoon Lekker we ended up at brewery Bourgogne de Flandres. Unfortunately the tours were already fully booked but they also have a lovely terrace on the water, where we could enjoy a beer from the brewery. I’m not normally a big fan of dark beer but this one wasn’t too heavy and was delicious!

Recommended to recover from all that culinary shopping or just because you want to buy beer, because of course you can do that here too!


In the Historium on the Market Square in Bruges you will also find the Duvelorium. Are you a fan of this famous beer then you can’t miss a visit to this cafe. The historium is not a free entrance but if you go to the duvelcafe you can just go there. The cafe is completely decorated in the atmosphere of Duvel and you can enjoy a beer on the terrace overlooking the Grote Markt. And of course you can indulge in buying Duvel beer here.

The bottleshop

One last thing for all beer lovers because a visit to The Bottleshop is also an absolute must. All types of Belgian beer can be found here in an impressive collection.

Delen is fijn!