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All Inclusive

I’ve mentioned on more than one occassion that I am not a big fan of the all inclusive concept. That has a lot to do with my restlessness and the fact that I think the food is generally pretty bad. And when I am traveling I want to eat good food. That is one of the reason I travel in the first place. The food!

When I was invited by Neckermann to spend a few days in Turkey to experience Club Marvy I was a bit sceptical. Because on paper all resorts look good and all resorts tell you they have the best food ever. I was curious if my expectations would be met.

We arrived pretty late in the night, around 3 am. Despite the late hour we were welcomed with a nice drink and some small snacks. Those tasted really good, but we were hungry and I figured we got some extra attention since we were a press group after all. So not yet convinced… We were led to our rooms quickly and efficiently and I crashed into bed. Tired!

It wasn’t until the next morning that I could actually see where I had arrived and the short walk from my bungalow (the rooms are located in separate buildings around the resort) to the buffet restaurant promised a lot of good things. The whole resort is very green and lush. There are various terraces so you can always look up or down the mountain when you walk around (also expect to climb some stairs in between) While the resort is pretty big, you never have the feeling you’re treated like a number. It is big but feels small and personal.


Once arrived in the restaurant it took me about half an hour to even grasp the enormity of the place. They’ve done the design of all the different food areas very clever. There are lots of corners and various different rooms, so at no point do you feel it is one of those ‘all you can eat’ places that look gigantic. Due to the smaller areas it feels cosy. In one corner you can order fresh pancakes, a fresh omelet or would you rather have a toast made to your personal taste? It’s all possible.

One of the major bonuses I thought was the fact that a lot of the produce in the restaurant comes from their own organic farm, not too far away. There is organic wine that is served in the restaurants, homemade jam and a lot of the veggies come from the farm too. Local is a big concept in the restaurants too, so I love that. Plus the quality of all the food I tasted was outstanding.

The even produce an award winning olive oil.


The lunch was no different than the breakfast. Lots of fresh choices and prepared right in front of you. Would you like a freshly grilled dorad? Or do you prefer prawns or a salmon filet? Or would you rather have Italian? Outside is a big wood burning oven for pizza and a separate pasta bar where you can get your pasta to order. It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

Infinity pool

Because the place is so big, some of the areas that are a bit further are serviced by buggies or golf carts. It’s all within walking distance but if you don’t feel like walking or can’t walk that far you can easily ask to be taken. If you’re wheelchair bound there are wheelchair accesible areas in the main building only. Separate rooms there too. Although I do think it would still be a challenge to get around as there are so many different levels in the areas.

There is also a separate 18+ area where you can stay if you don’t want playing kids around you. It has it’s own separate restaurant and a separate beach too.

There are two large swimming pools in addition to the beaches and we spend a few hours in the infinity pool. So beautiful! There is a towel service (near the main building) but I noticed that the lounge chairs at the infinity pool already have rolled up towels available. Very nice. The whole concept of Club Marvy is reflected everywhere. Even in the bath towels. No boring white hotel towels here but towels in natural colors and natural materials. If you fall in love with your bathing robe in your room, you can even buy one in one of the small shops in the resort.

Children’s paradise

They also thought about the kids. There are a couple of kid friendly areas with even a small swimming paradise for the smaller kids. There is one for the bigger kids too and there is even a chef specifically for the kids too. No boring fries and sausages (of course unless you want to!) here for the kids. They can even take sailing lessons if they want.


There are many different rooms and options in the resort and I looked at a few up close. What they all have in common is the way they are decorated with natural materials and natural colors. While they are in a way quite soberly decorated it still is extremely luxurious and wonderful. It is after all a five star resort. And you can see that in all the small details!

I already told Tom that I definitely want to come back here with the two of us for a nice week of sun and sea. Plus you can do things around the resort too which I will tell you about later!

Club Marvy is located near the town of Özdere and is about an hour drive from Izmir. You can find more information and prices on the Club Marvy website

Disclaimer: Ik was in Club Marvy op uitnodiging van Neckermann en Club Marvy.

Written by
Simone van den Berg

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Written by Simone van den Berg