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A bit of history

Efeze stems from around 1100 before Christ and used to be a harbour and trading city from little Asia at that time. Currently it is located in the provence of Izmir in Turkey and is one of the largest archeological finds you can see in that area. Efeze had their moment of glory in the times of the Roman empire and was the centre of the worship of the goddess Artemis.

Efeze | papertravels.com

You can easily walk around here for a couple of hours. I am not a big fan of excavations to be honest. I tend to find it is not much more than a pile of stones (sorry for all the lovers of ruins) but I did think Efeze was really pretty. There are two entrances so if you’re going it makes most sense to start at the top and walk down. You can – of course do it the other way but that means climbing in the heat plus you will be seeing the highlight first, instead of last. Also make sure you carry enough water with you as you go. There are no water stalls inside of Efeze so buy beforehand and bring along. And believe me when I say it can get really hot in there!

The highlight of Efeze is of course the library of Celsius (top photo) There are many remaining columns of previous temples and you can still see how the men used to all go to the toilet together. Secretly I thought it was another highlight that there are so many cats running around here. It’s also funny that the cats dominate the main area but once you get out you will suddenly see a lot of dogs at the end. They clearly divided the territory! Once you get to the toilet building the cats are back. Making it officially a cats dominated area. Dogs play a much smaller role..

But I like cats so sorry for the abundance of cat pictures here.

If you’re staying in Club Marvy, a trip to Efeze is very doable from the resort. It only takes about an hour to get there by car.

Written by
Simone van den Berg

Reizen doet mijn hart sneller kloppen. Al sinds ik me kan herinneren wilde ik de wereld ontdekken en andere culturen ervaren. Sinds onze allereerste verre reis naar Mexico in 1997 ga ik graag buiten de grenzen van Europa, maar ook dichtbij is nog zoveel moois te ontdekken! Reizen combineren met lekker eten is voor mij de ultieme combinatie. Van al mijn reizen heb ik stapels 'logboeken'. Vandaar de naam Paper Travels.

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Written by Simone van den Berg