Five of the best places to eat in Copenhagen

Five best places to eat in Copenhagen |

Best places to eat in Copenhagen

What a fantastic city is Copenhagen! I have already given you a little bit of sneak preview of our week (well really five days only) in Copenhagen but wanted to give a bit more information on the places you should not forget to visit. Be sure to make a reservation for most of them as they tend to get busy.

Dinner at Host Copenhagen |


The start with my number one favorite of our trip: Höst. This is one where making that reservation is essential because it is the place to be. And for a good reason too because the food is fantastic. We came for a three course menu but with all the extra’s you get it ended up being a 6-course menu. Keep that in mind if you choose the 5-course menu. I have no idea how many dishes you’re served then but just so you know!

Dinner at Host Copenhagen |

The one disadvantage of Höst is that they work with seatings. I am not a big fan of that concept but in this case it worked out allright. We had the reservation for the very first night we arrived in Copenhagen. And that had been a pretty long day (we had to get up at 2 am to get our flight) so eating early was no punishment in this case. Our reservation was at 6 pm. Which is not a weird time to go out for dinner in Denmark anyway as they eat pretty early in general. We had the table until 8.15 pm so the dishes came at a reasonable speed. Not in a bad way though. You know when you sometimes feel you’ve barely finished one and the next one arrives? That was not the case here. I found it quite ok in terms of serving speed. But definitely highly recommended. Delicious dishes. If you’re a vegetarian make sure you mention that you also don’t eat fish, because they tend to assume fish is ok. I was vegetarian at the time and I did eat the fish. And ooo that camembert with truffle… take it if it is ordered! Soooo good! (I had already started when I remember I still have to take a picture, so the shot bottom right is slightly eaten)


Torvehallerne is best compared to the food halls in Amsterdam. Various stalls with dishes mixed with stalls where you can buy ingredients, presents and the like. Fun place to go for lunch. You can pick one place for your main and than another for your dessert for instance. Tom had a bahn mu (Vietnamese sandwich) while I picked a vegan sandwich. And the cake we had in a different place.

Torvehallerne Copenhagen |


Our second restaurant was Brör. Also here some surprising dishes that were each delicious. Make sure you tell them when making a reservation if you have a food allergy or a particular wish. It is clearly mentioned when you make the reservation and for a good reason as the dishes you receive when you’re a vegetarian are completely different from the regular dishes. The one dish that Tom did not like was a dessert with bone marrow… Yuck…. Creme brulee with bone marrow. I can think of a better flavor combination. Let me tell you I was happy to be a vegetarian at that point! But don’t let that stop you as Tom just doesn’t like the taste of bone marrow.

Bror Copenhagen |


The tip to go to  Papirøen came from our very helpful reception desk at the hotel. And it was a good tip too! It is set up in a hip spot in Copenhagen and we heard that the change is pretty big that the streetfood part is bound to disappear and make way for a row of apartment buildings That’s the down side of being located in an up and coming area. A shame really but what can you do?

Streetfood Copenhagen |

If the weather is good you can sit outside and have a view over the water. The various containers positioned in front of the main building have been transformed into terraces and seats. Tom had the Duck ’n Chips and I went for the Happy vegan Burger. Both were really good. And of course lots more to choose from but you can only have lunch once, right?

Papiroen |

If you go to Copenhagen check beforehand if it is still open, although I don’t think it will close right away. Papiroen is around the corner from former Noma restaurant by the way. We passed by the place but other than a vague impression of the Noma name on the outside of the building there is nothing that reminds you of the top restaurant there once was.

Fiskebaren Kødbyens (in the Meatpacking district)

Last but not least in this overview is the fish bar in the Meatpacking district, Fiskebaren. Our hotel was literally around the corner of the Meatpacking district so for us it was a short walk and there are plenty of restaurants to pick here. Mother (an Italian restaurant) looking really fun and there were a couple of others I would have liked to try out but for our last evening we picked Fiskebaren. Not vegetarian. But really tasty.

Fiskebaren Copenhagen |

I understood there are a couple of Fiskebaren set up in the Netherlands but the original one you will find in Copenhagen. You can pick smaller dishes if you like. I love doing that. Better a few small plates than just one big one. Gives you more opportunities to taste the food. We went for the raw scallops, fish and chips and the king crab. All three great dishes and our neighbours at the table close by had different dishes that all looked fantastic as well.

All in all there is plenty of good food to be found in Copenhagen. So much so that it will be hard to pick where to go in five days. So we will be back another time. And soon our reporter Alexandra will go to Copenhagen too and will no doubt come back with different tips.

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Written by Simone van den Berg