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Food and travelblog

Food and travel blog

Sometimes you just need a little push to get to a good plan. I’ve been really busy with Paper Travels lately because travel is one of the best things to do. But I was missing direction. I mean writing about everything sounds great in theory but what really makes me happy?

Not surprisingly I ended up with food again. There is probably a good reason why I’ve been running a successfull foodblog for about 15 years now. And what do I do when I travel? I look for food. It’s always the very first thing I do when I arrive at a new destination. Or probably even before I arrive. I find out what to eat, where to eat it and what the local specialties are. Where can I find the best restaurants? Where are the local markets? My life and my travels are all about food. I can’t help myself.

So the next step is pretty self explanatory: Paper Travels will be a travel and food blog!

Hong Kong markten
The best markets in Hong Kong

Writing about food

Don’t think: but what about Simone’s Kitchen? That will remain as it is. I will share delicious recipes there and share tips on healthy food. So what is the content on Paper Travels going to be?

Going forward you will find all the culinary highlights of your next destination. Going to Thailand? Check here for the best Thai streetfood, the most fun markets, the must try dish and much much more. You’ll find all of that here. And more.


Realistically it won’t be possible to gather all the information myself. Let’s be honest: how much can you travel in a lifetime? So instead of me trying to figure everything out on my own I will select the best travelbloggers around the world and ask them for their expertise. So if you live in Australia and know all about the local cuisine. Or you live in Hungary and you know the restaurants and food scene like no other. I might just be waiting for you!

And not everything has to be super serious. I love a good and funny story. If it has something to do with food? Go for it.

The Netherlands is also an area where there is still enough to discover. Years ago I started the so called ‘Great Club Sandwich test’ where I tried a club sandwich in as many restaurants as I could find. And I wrote about where to find the best sandwich. That was purely for fun, but there are many other local treats we could test in the same way. Can’t wait to start testing the best “stroopwafel”.

Octopus in Griekenland
Or the best octopus in Greece

Food connects

Food connects people together. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, what color your skin is or where you live. Put everyone together at the table and you’ll see that boundaries fade and differences are solved. I believe that to be true. If we would all have dinner together more often, maybe the world would be a better place.

And I will help you do that. By giving you all the information you need for your next trip. Going to Greece? Check here first. Going to Dublin? Check here first… You get the idea.


The plan is maybe a little ambitious but like I said; I won’t be doing it all by myself. So if you’re just as as big a foodlover as me? And you love to write and you take decent pictures? Or you know all there is to know about your home town or home country? Maybe you like to write for Paper Travels.

You’re more than welcome!

Delen is fijn!