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If you could be anything… part II

It’s been a while that I wrote about my struggles in figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Is it any clearer now? Well sort of. But not really. Or maybe a little bit… Let’s say that in the two months that have passed since I wrote part I, it’s become a little clearer. I’ll be sharing my future plans here. Chances are pretty big that I am going to be reading this half a year from now and will think to myself ‘What were you thinking…’. But here it comes…

Three parts

First of all; if anything became clear the last couple of months, it is that I am not the kind of girl that does one thing and one thing only. I would hate to end my life doing just one job. That’s just not me. One of the things one of my coaches mentioned was that ‘ you can still like doing certain things, but that doesn’t mean you have to make a career out of it’ Sure… *insert funny face* but what if I want to?

Anyway, my final decision (hahaha… me and final…) is that I’ll be doing three main jobs. But since there are also a lot of other developments on the job front that I cannot tell you much about just yet I’ll leave it open just a little bit. But ok, here it comes. Are you ready for it?


One of the things I am most excited about is the fact that I’ll be offering services to B&B’s, hotels, country organizations and the like. What I will do is to go to a location and spend a couple of days there, soaking in the atmosphere but most importantly I will investigate all the things that you can do there. Let’s say you own an apartment somewhere in France. The house itself might be beautiful but if there is nothing to do in the vicinity of the house people will not come. Unless the location itself is unique in some sort of way. That’s also a possibility.

Travel photography

Part of the service will be to take photos of the location, the surroundings and anything in the area. Think of delicious food, markets, restaurants, musea, outdoor activities, shopping… you get the picture. Go to x,y,z to have the best pasta parmiggiano or go to a,b,c for the ultimate shopping spree. You get the picture.

They can use the photos for their own social media and/or websites and in addition I will write about the place and the area. Mostly on Simone’s Kitchen as that has a much bigger following but also here on Paper Travels. Still young and still small but growing. With a lot of possible potential. I will share things on my own socials and create a buzz basically. Promoting the location and providing them photographs and content at the same time.

Food photography

In the meantime I am also still a food photographer so I’ll be continuing to do that too but possibly a little less so I can make time for other things as well. There has to be some sort of balance between the three things. I stopped giving workshops a while ago but I will start organizing food photography retreats of which the first one will take place in October of this year. Still figuring out the final details but it’s gonna be an awesome event!

I will also be changing the food photography course I had going on. It will become a fixed course rather than a subscription base thing. Easier to handle and at the end of the day easier for the participants as well.

I’ve got a lot of fixed assignments for this year so my entire year starts to get pretty much booked in terms of food photography.

Health coaching

While travel and photography and even food kind of go hand in hand together, I also have a passion from something rather unrelated and that is health coaching. Or health and food in general. Which does come back to food again but in a different capacity. I’m going to be using Everyday Healthy for that purpose and also that is going to be more paleo oriented/real food oriented. I did an online health challenge the beginning of january too and I’m thinking more of making this an online part. I’m still doing more studies in this field as I love knowing more and there is still so much to learn. In march I’ll be starting with another one and I’m still doing primal health coach program as we speak. So lots more going on there too!

So… technically that’s it. But… like I said there are a couple of other things on the horizon that might mean I will need to change things around. Not that any of the above is already happening. Well I’m taking pictures of food, that’s about the only thing happening at the home, but definitely want to involve more travel in the picture.

How it will all look is still a big question mark! So on to part III! 🙂

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