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If you could be anything.. what would you be?

How hard is that question to answer? Do you know what you would be if anything would be possible and everything was within reach? Would you be a famous actress maybe? A gardener? A writer? Or simply someone who loves to work in an office? Would you do what you do today? Or not?

Now that I am working with a business coach it is probably the most asked question “what do you want to be if you grow up?” (Of course I added the growing up bit in there… Lol..

When I was young I started out wanting to be something ‘with animals’. Maybe a veterinarian or I even contemplated starting a career in horse riding. Since that all didn’t work out (buying a horse turned out to be the bottle neck) I wanted to become a photographer. My parents didn’t think that was such a good idea either and the photography education at the time was hugely expensive and involved loads of money buying all the equipment. Another wish down the drain.

If you could be anything
Foto door Jurriaan Huting


Of course who would have guessed that I did eventually become a photographer, although rather late in life. It’s funny how that can end up if you really want something. But now that I am looking for career number 25 (or so) I have a hard time thinking about my wishes.


Growing up I also wanted to travel. I thought about going to Israel to work in a Kibutz or go to France and earn a living picking grapes. Or working as an au pair somewhere. None of those things ever happened and for the life of me I cannot remember why it didn’t. I do know my parents where always a bit anxious of me coming up with idea number 2975. I was always full of the next big thing. Wanting whatever came around. In a way that hasn’t really changed a lot. I can still get really excited and make split second decisions without giving it too much thought.

You do have to remember that 30 odd years ago travel was not impossible but it was definitely a lot harder than it is today. There were no travel blogs or travel bloggers and hell, there wasn’t even internet! (imagine those days!)

Choices in life – if you could be anything

But anyway, it appears I will have to make some sort of decision on the new course to follow. I know for a fact it will involve travel. Preferably a lot of travel but the how and what I find rather hard to grasp. Will I still be shooting food ( yes), will I still give workshops (no). That’s about as far as I’ve got. In the back of my mind I always think ‘Sure I can come up with something fun to do, but can I make money doing that?’ And that is not what I should be thinking.

Forget about the money!! What do you want to do if money was not in the picture??

And why is it so hard to come up with the answer to that particular question? Would you know? If you could be anything? What would you do? I’ll be exploring the answer to that question in the coming months, so expect some more soul searching to pass by soon.

O and that post here? Sure I do what I want… if I only can figure out what that is exactly… 😉

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  • Wat is dit herkenbaar zeg! Vorige maand 50 geworden en nog steeds geen idee waar ik heen wil op werkgebied. Er zijn in de loop der jaren al 2 loopbaancoaches aan te pas gekomen, maar ook die hielpen me niet echt verder. Nu (zonder werk) voor de zoveelste keer op zoek naar leuk werk. Toch maar zelfstandige worden? Maar waarin dan… Of toch maar weer een baan waarin ik binnen no time ongelukkig word. Lijkt me ook niet de bedoeling. Kortom; ik ben er ook nog niet uit. Succes met je zoektocht. Ik blijf het volgen; wie weet steek ik er nog iets van op 😉

Written by Simone