Inspiration: Trey Ratcliff

Barcelona Alley-X3
I had never even heard of Trey Ratcliff until just a few minutes ago. I was looking on Pinterest for some travel photography as inspiration and look what I found! And I mean wow… I am literally blown away by the quality of his work. It’s utterly amazing and surreal too. You can definitely tell he has a way with post processing of course. I wish I knew how to do stuff like that! Trye is most known for his quirky look at HDR photography and the way he manipulates his images. He was born with a blind eye which makes it even more special. And with a background in computer science and math it probably gives him that special something.

Check out his portfolio on smugmug Trey Ratcliff or check his blog/website Stuck in Customs where you’ll find the latest images as well as some good photography tutorials to look at. Apparently it is the most well known and most popular site for travel photography. I now go back and stare at the images some more!

Trey-Ratcliff-China-2013-acbd-X3 Trey Ratcliff3 Trey Ratcliff - up in Tokyo-X3 tree-wanaka-1-X3



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Simone van den Berg

Travelling makes my heart beat just a little faster. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to discover the world and experience other cultures. Ever since our first far away trip to Mexico in 1997 I love to explore outside of Europe. Having said that: there is so much to see closer to home still! Combining travel with delicious food is the ultimate combination as far as I'm concerned. Of all my travels I have kept journals. That's why this site is called 'Paper Travels"

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Written by Simone van den Berg