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Klein Curacao – deserted but so pretty

Klein Curaçao

Before I had ever been there I had seen more than enough photos of the island with the light house as prominent building. Possibly the most iconic part of Klein Curacao. Klein (Little) Curacao is an uninhabited small island for the coast of Curacao and it measures a total of 1,7 square km. The only buildings you can find on the island are that light house, a few huts from a catamaran company and a beach house that goes with it. The island is mostly known as a perfect place to dive and snorkel. You don’t really need to go very far to find turtles and a whole bunch of colorful fishes. We didn’t dive in the area but there are apparently under water caves and loads of coral. Thanks to the fact that there were once a lot of goats roaming the island, most of it is now reduced to a desert area. Apparently they are working on replanting it but let’s put it this way: I didn’t see any sign of that happening. But maybe it takes more time. It is pretty dry so it might be a challenge to get trees to grow there. Would be very welcome though as the sun is scorchingly hot!

The island has played a role in the slave trade at the time and slaves were brought from Africa to the island and stayed there in quarantine for a period before being allowed onto the main island. Not all of them made it and the ones that died still have a grave on the south side of the island.

On the windy side of the island you can also find a couple of ship wrecks. The ships that are there didn’t pay enough attention to the dangerous current and rocks below the surface. Most noticeable is the Maria Bianca Guidesman that is closest to shore but you can see a couple of other ships as well. Going to Klein Curacao is not hard since there are a lot of people offering trips to the island for a day. Either with snorkelling or with scuba diving included. We went with Blue Finn Charters (The black & white catamaran) and had a great day. We had a barbecue on board and snorkeling below the boat. Maybe a tip that you didn’t need but make sure to bring sun screen and hat. The sun is merciless on the boat and on the island. There isn’t a whole lot of shelter either.

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