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Landhuis Jan Thiel

Landhuis Jan Thiel – Enjoying the good life

Looking for a fantastic and relaxing place to stay in Curacao? Look no further: Landhuis Jan Thiel is the place to go!

After a relatively short drive from Willemstad to Landhuis Jan Thiel we arrived at the gate. After ringing the bell it opened very very slowly… A little taster of the ‘peace and quiet’ setting that oozes out of this unique little paradise. The tip for this unique spot on the island came from Helmi, who has lived on Curacao for 20 years and so when we found out that our “regular’ apartment was fully booked we turned to her for advice.

Landhuis Jan Thiel has been around for a while but has only recently been converted into a beautiful bed & breakfast where Loekie is the ideal host. I think I have seldom seen anyone so devoted to making our life as pleasant as possible. It is obvious that this is her dream job and she will go out of her way to make your stay unforgettable.


The mansion is located in the area of Jan Thiel, but slightly away from the madness of the beach and close enough to reach it – by car – within a few minutes. Another bonus of staying at the mansion is that you receive a beach pass for parking close to the beach. With the pass you skip having to pay for the parking every time and can just wave the pass and drive through the parking gates. If you don’t like big crowds, Koko beach is a great spot to go. It’s a more relaxed spot than Zanzibar or Papagayo and the beach chairs are spaced a little bit further apart. But there is something here for everyone, so just try out which beach spot you prefer!


At the mansion you’ll find six rooms, each one painted in a different color and therefore named ‘the pink room’, ‘the blue room’ etc. We stayed in the pink room. It’s at the back of the house and since it is on the first floor the wind here is great as it goes through the room when you open both windows. That makes it wonderful and cool. There is airconditioning as well but the natural feeling of the wind blowing is ten times better than airco of course.

Talking about the wind: it can get pretty wild here. The mansion is located a little higher on a slight hill so it can get pretty windy.

Besides the six rooms there are also a couple of apartments that are away from the main building if you want a bit more privacy.


One thing though; if you do not love animals, you might not be in the right spot here. Around the house you’ll find chickens, cats, Olivia the sheep, three dogs and – not a pet but they do appear on a regular basis – lizards. Olivia has been bottle fed since she was a baby of 1 week old because her mother rejected her. And she does think she is a dog from time to time but let’s be honest; who doesn’t want a sheep in the hall way? 🙂

And I mean that quite literally. When we arrived that first day I walked into the door and I saw something in the corner of my eye but I kind of thought it was a statue of some sort. Until the statue suddenly said ‘beeeeh’ quite loudly. Olivia loves to lay on the cool floor inside the house and for me it is definitely part of the charm of this place. Good to know though as it is part of the fun here. If you look closely at the picture on the right below you can just spot a sheeps head on the favorite sleeping spot of Olivia.


Also keep in mind that staying at the mansion will mean you’re completely spoiled for the rest of your trip. So either plan it at the end of your stay in Curacao or stay here for a longer period of time, as we did. Because service here is spelled with capital letters. Breakfast is prepared fresh every morning by Loekie. She makes delicious juices, pours endless amounts or coffee (or tea or water), makes eggs whichever way you want them, homemade granola with local honey (soon from the bee hives in the garden!), pancakes, muffins… the list goes on and on..


You go here for the ultimate relaxation, the personal attention and the slow living. Even when all rooms are full it’s still quiet and around the property are enough little private spots if you want to get away from the main building. There is pool as well and that is a great spot to end the day or start the morning.

Lucky shot with hummingbird and bee together!

I would highly recommend  Landhuis Jan Thiel because we had a fabulous ten days here. But I guess you could tell from the above!

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