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Natta cafe – Como, Italy

Natta cafe in Como

Going out for dinner for me has a lot to do with the atmosphere of a place.. If I would have to choose between a fantastic meal but an otherwise unattractive and uninviting place or a maybe slightly less fantastic meal but a fantastic place than I would go for the last one Would you? What is the number one main thing for you when going out for dinner?

Natta Cafe – Como

Now you might think that there was something wrong with the food at Natta Cafe but that was certainly not the case. Of all the places we have eaten during my stay in Lugano and surroundings Natta Cafe was my favorite. Good food, good company and good service. It’s a winebar annex bistro in the centre of Como and the food was delicious (so was the wine!) and our risotto was perfect. As a starter we had simple cheese and sausages but still it was very good. And that is not always the case.!

You see that cheese with the little black spots? Truffle cheese…. We tried to find where to buy it but couldn’t detect it anywhere… Too good! We tried the market in Verona where there was loads of cheese but this particular one is hard to find. Make sure you try it if you visit Natta cafe

Recommended if you’re in the area of Como! We also visited beautiful Verona!

+39 031 269 123 / info@nattacafe.com / Via Natta 16, 22100, Como

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12.15-15.30 – 18.00-00.00
Friday and Saturday 12.15-15.30 – 18.00-01.00
Sunday 13.00-15.00 – 17.30-23.30
Monday Closed

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