Picking oysters and sleeping at Op Oost – Texel

Picking oysters

Picking oysters on beautiful Texel

The last few days we were on windy (but sunny!) Texel. The first night we slept in the beautiful hotel Op Oost which is run by Valerie and Joram. I remember Valerie from the beach food festival where I have been in 2016 and 2017. To be honest, I didn’t immediately realize it was the same Valerie. Haha … Anyway, Op Oost is really a top place if you want to go to Texel for a few days soon. There are 12 beautiful suites, all of which are different.

Picking oysters with Jan

One of the activities organized from Op Oost is to pick oysters. Jan – Valerie’s father-in-law – has been doing this for a long time and knows how to tell beautiful stories about the area, picking oysters and of course what you should pay attention to if you want to do it yourself.

Jan is looking for shells

The mudflats are literally a 150 meter walk from Op Oost, so we left with Jan, his oyster cart, another couple who also slept there, and Charlotte and me. (Charlotte also has one nice article written about our mudflat adventures)

Now you have to know that I secretly am not an oyster fan at all. I have really tried it many times. Raw, stewed, baked, grilled and just about everything in between. But I will never voluntarily order oysters anywhere. So I thought I’d go for the pictures.

Only one anyway

The oysters are there for the taking at low tide. Quite special and luckily most of them weren’t super big. So I dared to slurp one in.

Picking oysters

The rule is that you eat everything you collect yourself. So you understand that my bucket was not too full. The buckets from the other guys weren’t full either. After all, you don’t want to eat ten oysters in a row either. At least; most people don’t.

Jan had brought a bottle of sparkling beer with him to go with the oysters. A kind of cross between beer and champagne and very tasty with the oysters. And to be honest, I thought the oysters were not too bad. I even ate three so I’m making progress.

Vuurzee beer

After picking oysters we had cooled down somewhat, because the strong wind made it really chilly on the sea side of the dike. Jan had already warned us that the difference in front of and behind the dike can sometimes be as much as 10 degrees. Well, I think that was true, because it was wonderful to come out on the other side of the dike in the sun.

Texel sheep

In room dining

The oysters were actually a kind of aperitif for us because we were served a delicious dinner in our room once we got back. The dishes that come from the kitchen here often use local ingredients and are inspired by the sea.

All in all, it is highly recommended to treat yourself to a weekend, a midweek or longer trip to Op Oost .

Picking oysters

Delen is fijn!