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Rapallo – our last few days at the coast

Rapallo food

What better way to finish our last few days in Italy then by the seaside? Sandra and I specifically booked a room with seaview and wow, what a view we have!! I will post a shot of our hotel balcony at the bottom, so you can be envious… ๐Ÿ™‚ We chose Rapallo because of it’s location and convenience when travelling back. Because Levanto is quite close from here and because we thought that was a disappointing coastal town our expectations where not too high about Rapallo, but we were pleasantly surprised. Sure, it’s a little rundown, but our hotel is lovely, the food is fabulous and there is a beach, sunshine and nice people. I mean truly; is there anything else you need for a final few days of relaxation?

So the last few days are not gonna be very eventful and we have not planned much more then a little sightseeing, but basically our last days will be filled with beach, relaxing, reading and good food… So with that I will finish our trip in Italy with just a few more photos to keep you entertained and tomorrow we will already be in France; on our way back home!! (which is also always nice… and I would love to see Gizmo again!)

View from our balcony in Rapallo
View from our balcony

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