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If you are looking for good food, Bruges is the place to be. In the city that is known for its chocolate, waffles and huge amounts of restaurants, it is actually quite difficult to choose where to eat. That’s why I made a list of 7 restaurants in Bruges for you. So that the choice is just a little bit easier.

restaurants in bruges

But don’t let this list for fine dining in Bruges limit you. There are hundreds of restaurants in Bruges, so the chance that you will die of hunger is nil.

List of recommendations

Even before we left we had received a list of restaurants in Bruges from our host and hostess of our B&B (more about that later) which they heartily recommended. Because we booked relatively short in advance many of the restaurants were already fully booked. Volzet’ as it is called in Flemish.

Restaurants in Bruges

We actually only booked one restaurant in advance. However, if you really want to eat somewhere, then it is advisable to book well in advance.

Au petit grand

Our first evening started well with a delicious dinner at Au Petit Grand. In this cosy restaurant you can choose from a menu or a la carte. We chose the shared menu which was also the largest menu with about six courses, if I’m not mistaken. Each and every one of them is an absolute must.

The kitchenette where chef Tom prepares everything is tiny. He works there on his own while his wife Line works in the service together with Sylvia. A small team but one that is well attuned to each other so you will never lack anything. Au Petit Grand is located near the Market Square in Bruges. In terms of price, the restaurant is slightly above average but more than worth it!

Cafe Vlissinghe

A very different one in the row of restaurants in Bruges is Cafe Vlissinghe. This oldest cafe in Bruges is located in the St. Peter’s Square. Anna Quarter, which is a bit out of the center, but worth a little detour. The surrounding area is also worth a stroll and for a good, unpretentious meal, Cafe Vlissinghe is the place to be.

Don’t expect fine dining here, but do expect good pub “food” while enjoying a nice Bruges beer. Because they have plenty of those anyway.

That’s Toast

It’s always hard to choose where to eat when you’re only somewhere for a few days. In our case, we had three evenings and as many lunch spots in our stomach, but even then it’s a tough decision if you want to know where to eat. Sometimes you choose the wrong one, but that was certainly not the case with That’s Toast. At first I fell for the cute name, but the place itself is also highly recommended and definitely belongs in the list of restaurants in Bruges.

You come here – the name says it all – mainly for a delicious sandwich. Charlotte chose the Croque monsieur and I went for the Triple french toast with lemon curd. Delicious! The restaurant is not large and has a tiny terrace in the back plus a few tables in the front.

Restaurants in Bruges

During the lunch break it can be very crowded here. But definitely worth it. You can’t make reservations but you can have breakfast there all day until half past 4.

The Novel

Even smaller than That’s Toast is The novel. You can come here for coffee and sweets. Breakfast, lunch and sweet treats. It is really tiny but very cozy and pleasant. And that’s what I fall for. We found a table and enjoyed a tea with fresh ginger and lemon. Because our stomach was obviously not big enough after the breakfast at the B&B it remained at that. But everything looked delicious!

Potato bar

Do you like fries? Then a visit to the potato-bar is a must. We first went there on a Friday, because it said on the website that they were open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, when we got there, there was a sign on the door saying ‘cleaning day’.

To be honest, I found that rather vague, because if you’re only open for three days it’s pretty crazy to close the place on one of those three days to do some cleaning. We began to doubt whether it was still open at all, but a phone call on Saturday was successful.

The concept of the potato-bar is simple. They have all kinds of dishes but in the end it’s all about the fries. Which you can order with a variety of delicious toppings. We went for the Old Bruges 2.0 squirt. A topping of cheese, mustard, bacon and mayo. And with that we ordered a ‘drunken pig’ croquette. One. To share because well, it is quite filling so to say. But delicious!

Highly recommended if you are in the area!


At Sanseveria we have not been unfortunately. Something about full bellies and all that. But I don’t want to keep it from you anyway because a “bagel parlor” sounds great anyway. Plus I love bagels and you seem to be able to get the very best here. On your list!


We haven’t been to the Bottelier either, but our neighbours at the breakfast table in the B&B have and they were very enthusiastic about it. They had to make reservations four weeks in advance to be able to get a spot. This restaurant is a living room restaurant and therefore quickly full.

But this one is also worth the effort (we have it from a reliable source)


I would have loved to visitRockfort again, but I visited this restaurant when I was last in Bruges in 2012 and I understood from our hosts that it is still more than worth it to pay this sturdy restaurant a visit.

I find the website a bit sketchy, but the dishes were really excellent at the time.

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