Restaurants on curaçao – 10 x the tastiest

Culinary delights on Curacao – restaurants on Curacao

Soon I will go for the fifth time (!!) to Curacao. That’s a unique number of times, because it’s rare for me to go to the same destination more than once. And if you think about it, it is not even very logical for the island is small and there is really not much to do.

Maybe that’s why it’s the ultimate enjoyment. The fact that I love Curacao has definitely something to do with the wonderful restaurants that you can find here. For an island that is not extremely large it has an unprecedented number of delicious restaurants. That’s why I’m giving you my 10 favorites right now.

Restaurants Curacao

When I get back I will list the new restaurants. I did check if everything is still open but be sure to check the websites yourself before you go. Reservations are generally a good idea in Curacao restaurants. Renting a car to get everywhere is also very convenient.

Bij Blauw

One of my absolute favorites is the restaurant (and hotel) Bij Blauw. You’ve already seen it at the places to sleep on Curacao, but even if you just come here to eat, Bij Blauw is a must. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lovely with a breeze from the sea, sea views and just really good food!


We discovered Mosa the second time we were on Curacao. They opened in 2016 and that was our first visit. It had only just opened for a month or so. You will find Mosa near the famous Avila hotel. The kitchen is inspired by the Middle Eastern cuisine. So you can find dishes like hummus, but also ceviche and many other delicious dishes. The portions are meant to be shared with your tablemates. I have been back to Mosa three times now and it remains one of my favorites!

Gouverneur de Rouville

In the middle of Willemstad you will find Gouverneur de Rouville. A lovely place with great food. The menu is not big but the food is very good. You can also try some traditional dishes like karni stoba and keshi Yena.

Gouveneur de rouville - restaurants curacao


Do you like fish? Then a visit to Purunchi is an absolute must. What you eat here is simple but oh so delicious. There is only one kind of dish and that is fried fish. Accompanied by the necessary side dishes. We had managed to get a reservation for lunch. Purunchi is very small so finding a place to stay can be quite a challenge. But absolutely worth it. I had lionfish there. Not too complicated when it comes to the bones, because I’m a little allergic to those.

Marshe Bieu or plaza bieu

If you like food then you have undoubtedly heard of Marshe Bieu. This place is also located in Willemstad and is a collection of all kinds of places to eat. It’s only open during lunch but expect it to be packed. You can eat all kinds of delicious local dishes here.

Marshe Bieu

Country house Dokterstuin

Dokterstuin is very popular for lunch, especially with the locals. It is located somewhere on the road from Willemstad to Westpunt and is perfect if you come from the beach and want to have lunch. We came from Playa Lagun and chose this as our lunch spot on the Sunday afternoon. It was extremely crowded with locals. But because it is so big, you can usually find a place. Also a good place for a local dish. My karni stoba was delicious.

Scuba Lodge

In the Pietermaai district you will find the Scuba Lodge. This is also a hotel plus a diving school plus a restaurant. The restaurant is actually called De heeren@ Sea and apparently has had a complete makeover in 2020. I’m very curious to see what it looks like now! We didn’t eat very much here but we did have some snacks and they were all very tasty. In any case you score points with me if you can sit somewhere with your feet in the sand and a view of the sea. The restaurant is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Fish and Joy

This used to be Fishalicious where you could eat delicious fish. The new concept is still brand new and of course I will try it out soon. It’s handy to make a reservation because it’s a popular spot. (By the way, in most of the restaurants on Curaçao it is a good idea to arrive early if you didn’t make a reservation. That’s usually enough to still be able to eat.) I’m very curious what they made of it but Fish & Joy is now a bistro and wine bar.


Kome is a place where I have eaten three times now. Every time it was a surprising menu. You will find flavors that are just a little bit different, but always very tasty. The pumpkin cheesecake is still one of my favorite cheesecakes ever. That’s saying something. It is a so-called fusion kitchen so you will find a bit of everything here. So there is something for everyone.

Pirate Bay

One of my favorite beaches in Curacao is Pirate Bay. It is not so big and the beach is perfect for me. Not too crowded and a laid back mood. Moreover, the restaurant of the same name is fine for lunch. Don’t expect high end lunches here but just good food. Pirate Bay is also open for dinner, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Delen is fijn!