restaurants on tenerife

Restaurants on Tenerife – 10 x restaurant tips

Tenerife may not be a very big island but you can certainly eat well there! That’s why I’m listing my 10 favourite restaurants on Tenerife for you today. Of course we didn’t get to try all the restaurants in the time we were on Tenerife but do you have any tips that shouldn’t be missed? Leave it in the comments.

We did have a rental car at our disposal, because without it it’s a lot harder to explore the island. So highly recommended. In a future post, I’ll cover the sights to see.

restaurants on tenerife

By the way, you’ll find all the restaurant categories here. From simple to a Michelin star. From local to international cuisine. From suitable for breakfast to only open for dinner.

All the Tenerife restaurants I mention below were all open in June 2021. Because conditions change faster than the speed of light, it’s always a good idea to check the restaurant’s website before you go and to give them a call if necessary. That’s always better than standing in front of a closed door.

Mokelino – Los Cristianos

Mokelino is located at the boulevard of Los Cristianos. It’s a tapas and cocktail bar. A great place where we ended up on our first evening in Tenerife. Is the food fantastic? No, maybe not. It is good food, very large portions but the atmosphere is good. There was live music present when we ate there. Honestly, that’s not necessarily a plus for me, because it is always so noisy when you’re trying to have a conversation.

But the service was definitely very nice and the cocktails were delicious. Definitely try the strawberry sangria.

You can find Mokelino in Los Cristianos at the boulevard.

La Navaja – Adeje

La Navaja is located in a place that you might not expect: at the upper level of a shopping mall. Doesn’t sound very interesting perhaps, but surprisingly the restaurant overlooks a huge banana plantation (Tenerife’s biggest export item) and you can see the sea as well. So sitting here and enjoying a drink after an afternoon of shopping is a good idea anyway.

But that doesn’t do the kitchen justice, because you can have a delicious lunch or dinner here. And do you like wine? Be sure to try the local white wine ….

Also very tasty were the iberico croquettes (which we would call bitterballen) and the cheesecake we had for dessert.

restaurants on tenerife
I’m just in the way of the view…

El secreto de chimiche –

If you drive to El Secreto de Chimiche you will think: where on earth am I going? It is remote and in an unexpected place along the road. Not a place you’d immediately expect. There are two parking spots upstairs but a bit hidden there are more if you drive down a bit after the restaurant.

We went here for lunch and were a little surprised by how fancy the restaurant is. Not in an unpleasant way by the way but the ambiance and the dishes themselves were really worthy of a Michelin status. Not in terms of price, because we only paid 75 euros for a three course dinner for two. Admittedly we only had one glass of wine (because I still had to drive) but still a very affordable option if you want to eat well without spending a fortune.

In the restaurant you can also get dry aged beef and unfortunately I didn’t see that until after we had eaten. Otherwise, I probably would have gone for it. El secreto de Chimiche can also be visited as part of a gastronomic itinerary.

La Odisea – Garachico

La Odisea is one in the category; good food but it is the location that makes this restaurant special. We first visited Garachico for the natural swimming pool, but because we arrived at lunchtime we settled down on the most pleasant terrace. The food here is good and you have a beautiful view of the nice square here. Don’t expect any highlights but just a good lunch.

Kai – La Caleta

A wonderful restaurant is without a doubt Kai La Caleta in – you guessed it – Caleta.

We got this tip from the marketing consultant of Ohasis boutique suites where we stayed the week on Tenerife and it was a very good tip.

Kai La Caleta is a restaurant where you will find a mix of Peruvian cuisine and Japanese techniques. May sound a little crazy but the result is really delicious. You’ll find great sushi here but also dishes like ceviche. We took an assortment of dishes. You can also share it easily. Better too because otherwise you can’t try out enough different dishes and you really want to do that here.

Besides the dishes, the restaurant is also very beautiful so really worth spending an evening here. Of the restaurants in La Caleta, this is undoubtedly one of the better ones.

El Molino Blanco – Costa Adeje

El Molino Blanco is one of those places that looks really nice. That was the reason we couldn’t resist eating here. There is a nice white mill near the restaurant and the whole place is decorated in a very cosy way. Especially in the evening, this comes into its own.

El molino blanco - tenerife

It was still very quiet when we arrived, but the food was good and the service very pleasant. It could not be missed in the list of restaurants in Tenerife. One of the things we ate there was grilled sea bass, which they chopped up a bit strangely. And a bit more salt would have been nice too, but all in all we thought it was definitely worth a visit.

It says on Google that it is still, but it really is open. Be sure to check out the site to make sure!

Nebula – Costa Adeje

Nebula is a restaurant and cocktail bar in Adeje. From where we stayed at Los Cristianos it is a half hour drive. There is another Nebula on Tenerife and it is located in the capital. Whether it belongs to a chain it is not entirely clear. (I don’t think so) but the food there is delicious. Nice and fresh, fine cocktails and good wine.

Dona Pata – Candelaria

Purely by chance we came across this restaurant looking for breakfast. You don’t come here for the fancy food, but for the atmosphere and the great view over the water. We simply ate a baguette with delicious seranoham. I’m fine. But that view… that’s what did it!

Rincon del pan – bakery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Are you looking for a nice crispy croissant or chocolate bread and a good cup of coffee? Then Rincon del pan is the place to be if you are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a bit comparable to Delifrance but with less emphasis on French food. Great place for a nice breakfast. We tried a selection of things because of course choosing is not the easiest. Haha… And everything was really delicious!

Rincon del am

XL La Casa del Mojito – Los Cristianos

We end the series with one that we visited on the very last evening. Namely cocktail bar XL Mojito. It is located on the boulevard on the first floor. This also means that you have a beautiful view over the sea while sipping your cocktail. I took a Mojito with chocolate and banana and Laura a frozen strawberry daquiri. Are you a fan of mojito? Then this is actually a must because I never saw so many types of mojito together before!

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