Scottish Highlander watching at Lentevreugd – Wassenaar

Lentevreugd Wassenaar

Nature reserve Lentevreugd

A nature reserve with the name: Lentevreugd. That makes me a little happy, anyway. I had seen countless photos on instagram of newborn Highlander calves and also of the Highlanders itself. The ones with the nice long hair.

So last Sunday I braved the rain and wind and decided to drive to Wassenaar. Now I know the calves aren’t fully grown right away, but still. I had this kind of urge not to be too late. Plus I just wanted to get out of the house.

Newborn calves in Lentevreugd
Baby Highlander

On the one hand, that strong wind was really not ideal when you’re shooting with a heavy and long lens. It also catches the wind. But going without that lens wasn’t an option either in this case. And let’s be honest; when you see the little one above you melt away a little bit right?

I had never heard of Lentevreugd before. It is a nature reserve consisting of 100 hectares and is managed by Staatsbosbeheer. Because of the breeding season a large part was closed off but normally you can continue walking here. I also walked back to my car after taking the pictures, because it really wasn’t the best weather.

Lentevreugd calf


If you walk there it is hard to imagine but until 1920 the area of lentevreugd was a bulb field. Only since about 18 years has it been renamed a nature reserve. The terrain has been raised here and there to create height differences (very handy because now it looks like I was lying on the ground to take the pictures but the Highlanders were standing on a little hill!)

Parts of it have been dug up to create streams and salt marshes. This makes the terrain quite versatile.

Lentevreugd is grazed by a herd of 45 Scottish highlanders and 15 konik horses. Apart from the horses and highlanders, which of course didn’t get there by themselves, you also find deer, foxes, hares, moles and mice. Whether you will see the latter is the question. Haha. Here you can find more information about this beautiful small nature reserve.

Konik horses in Lentevreugd

Small but nice

Lentevreugd is easily accessible and is relatively close to the highway. So from the A44 you are there in no time. The parking lot at the nature reserve is small. I don’t know how busy it can get here with nice weather, because the parking lot was already almost full, even though it wasn’t really busy at all. So that’s the question. Although I do think there is easy parking in other places in the area.

The horses were a bit hidden but then again I also only saw a very small part of the herd of Scottish Highlanders, as I did not count 45! I think I saw 10 at the most. Not counting the five calves.

You keep taking pictures around here. So I have lots of pictures of the beautiful highlanders. Hopefully next time the Konik horses will be at a more convenient location too. I will definitely be back soon with better weather!

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