The Vreemde Vogel (strange bird) – sleeping in the Netherlands

Sleeping in a bird house - De vreemde vogel

Sleeping in a bird house at The strange bird

After our stay on Texel and the stay at Camping de Lakens in Bloemendaal we wanted to end the holiday with a fun stay. We no longer know how we found it, but by googling we arrived at outside hotel De Vreemd Vogel . It sounded fun right away so after some searching our eye fell on the bird houses.

Don’t immediately think that you are sleeping in a tree house (the most common question when I said that we were going to sleep in a bird house) but really literally a bird house. You know, those things you have in the garden for the nesting tits.

The photo above already reveals what that looks like. We were able to book just two more nights here. There are only two birdhouses, although there are plenty of other funny places where you can also spend the night here. But more on that later.

De vreemde vogel
Inside of our bird house

Tiny house

You can best compare the bird house with a Tiny House. It is small but you can still sleep with four people. There are also two single beds in the attic. To be honest, I think it will be a bit tight with four people in the birdhouse, but on the other hand it does not immediately mean that you sit inside all day. That is not necessary, because there is plenty to do in the area. But of course you can be unlucky and hit bad weather. Then it is a bit cramped, especially when you’re with four people

The Kombuizerd

In addition to the fact that each accommodation has a reasonable amount of space in front of the door, there is also a common room. The Kombuizerd. Here you can sit out of the wind by the water (with a view of the golf courses), you can have a drink or light a fire.

Each place to stay also has its own fire pit. Here you can order a fire pit if you want to sit outside in the evening by your own campfire. It was still a bit too cold for us.


When booking our last place to sleep, we had mainly concentrated on the hotel itself and forgot to see where that hotel would be. So that it was in Vlaardingen … to be honest, we only found out when we had already booked. Hahaha … But there is nothing wrong with that in itself because you are fairly centrally located to do various things from Vlaardingen. A car is handy to have, although you can also take beautiful walks in the immediate vicinity behind the hotel.

When you arrive, you initially think that you are in the wrong place. The entrance to the Vreemde Vogel is located at the end of a residential area. So you do not immediately expect the entire terrain behind it.

In addition to the bird houses, The Strange Bird also has several other places to stay that can be called quite unique. You can sleep in a gypsy wagon, an airplane, a space shuttle or in a caravan on legs. Also called the ostrich.

You will also find a nice restaurant, which of course was closed when we were there, but which can partially open again on the terrace from tomorrow.

In the area

There is a playground for the children in the immediate vicinity of The Strange Bird. The Krabbeplas is also close by where you can swim and where there is a beach. You can rent a rowing boat from The Strange Bird itself. The local supermarkets (AH and Aldi) are also within walking distance. Handy if you need something quickly.

A little further away but easily accessible by bike you will find Delft (18 km away), Rotterdam (12 km away), the Vlaardingen cinema, indoor playground De Jungle (3 km) and more. Also inform yourself at the check-in desk for more tips.

If you have a car at your disposal, you can be at various nice places from De Vreemd Vogel in no time. We visited the picturesque Schiedam, went for lunch (well, pick up lunch) at the market halls in Rotterdam and visited Kinderdijk.

Have you never been in Kinderdijk then it is recommended to go now. It was nice and quiet and I suspect that soon – after corona – that peace will be over. The museum itself is currently closed but you can walk around and enjoy all the beautiful windmills.



Book De Vreemd Vogel including breakfast with local products. I don’t know if they normally always bring breakfast to bed, but now during corona they do and you receive a delicious crate filled with fresh bread rolls, coffee and a boiled egg every morning at 9 o’clock.

All in all, it was a wonderful stay at the Strange Bird! Definitely nice for a few days.

Delen is fijn!