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Sleeping: Barksdale House Inn – Charleston.

Photo: Barksdale House Inn

It feels just right

Do you recognize this? You set foot in the door of any place and you know straight away that it is good. The opposite can happen as well of course; you come into the door and you want to run out again… 🙂 In this case it was clearly one that fell into the first category. I am talking about the beautiful Barksdale House Inn in Charleston.

Our spacious room

Bit too wet

As you might have seen me mention before Charleston was a bit too wet when we were there. It was literally raining cats and dogs. So much so that we had to hide inside at certain point. The result was that we spend more time than average in our hotelroom. So how good is it when you have a nice and cosy room in that case?

Warm welcome

The Inn is sort of a cross between a B&B and a small boutique hotel. The 14 rooms are located inside an historical building dating back all the way to 1778 and you can still see that in a lot of the details of the place. Some look a bit old and worn but it is all part of the charm of this small hotel.

The location could not be more perfect as you are right in the centre of Charleston and – bonus points – there is free parking at the hotel. In the rest of the city it is paid parking and the prices can be steep so free parking is always a good thing. Plus highly convenient to be able to park in front of the house.

Of all the hotels we stayed in during our three week road trip, the Barksdale House Inn definitely scored the highest. Our welcome was warm, personal and very helpful. The girl at the reception gave us some great tips varying from which restaurant to eat to where to do our laundry. Of a level you don’t often see anymore these days.

Downtown Charleston

All in all highly recommended if you’re visiting South Carolina. Charleston in itself is worth a visit so if you’re going, be sure to book a room here. You won’t be sorry!


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