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Palacio de rojas

Sleeping: Palacio de Rojas – Valencia

palacio de rojas

Booking at random

Most of the time when I pick a place to sleep there are a couple of things I take into account. First of all, the location. It needs to be somewhere convenient. You do not want to do a city trip and then spend 2 hours every day to get to the centre or to the centre of the action. It doesn’t necessarily have to be right bang in the centre as that is usually much more pricey and hard to come by.


So location first and budget second. As much as I would love to have an unlimited amount of euro’s; I don’t so I have to pick and choose. I’m well beyond the years of wanting to sleep in a hostel (exceptions are always there) so I will look for either an appartment or a hotel or a B&B. Depending on the options etcetera.

Palacio de Rojas

In this particular case I had already been browsing my favorite booking sites to check for options but hadn’t found anything that I really liked. Until I read about palacio de rojas somewhere on a blog. Can’t remember which one but I checked out the website, liked what I saw and made the booking. Done.

As with any booking I rely heavily on my gut feeling. I have no idea how that works but it does. Nine out of ten times I pick a good place. And this was definitely no exception. Palacio de Rojas is situation in the middle of the old town (Ciutat Vella) and you’re a stone throw away from the action. The rooms are a mix between a hotel room and an apartment. We have an entire kitchen, a refrigerator, sitting area and of course a bed… 🙂

There is a parking that belongs to the hotel and while getting in there was a bit of a thing (small! Lots of big stone pillars! Dark!) it’s great to be able to park close by. I haven’t seen any other parking options in the area.

Reception was great and friendly, the room clean and perfect and spacious. And the prices more than reasonable for the location. We paid € 250,- for 2 nights, which is not really cheap but considering the location and everything else, I thought it was a great price. Plus you can find cheaper apartments too. Also keep in mind that some apartments are for 6 people so you get to divide the price making it an even better option.

Free drinks

We were also quite surprised to find out that you can have drinks here on the big outside terrace complimentary. Good wine and endless coffee. I mean; you do not see that very often, do you?

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Palacio de Rojas is situated on Carrer de Quart 10 in the old town of Valencia.

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