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All-inclusive in Senegal

I am not a big fan of the all inclusive concept. That might have been clear from our first (well really second) experience with an all inclusive resort in Mexico. That it can be a positieve experience I learned during a recent visit to the  Royal Horizons Baobab. We were there by invitation of Neckermann Travel. The idea was to get a closer look at the hotel and also to have some quality time in Senegal.

Small nature reserve next door!

Upfront my expectations where low. Or let’s say it differently: I did have a look at the website and by the lookds of it it would be a good stay. But reality turned out to be much better than the pictures! The hotel is large but the lay-out is set up in such a way that you never really have the feeling there are a lot of rooms. The rooms – cottages almost – are spread out over a large area. I was located quite far away from the main entrance. About a ten minute walk. That was a bit of a search in the beginning because I got lost along the way. That is how large the area is and how much green there. Certainly not a bad thing to have to walk through the gardens every day!

Enough to look at along the way!


For me the quality of an all-inclusive is determined by the quality of the food at display. The rooms in any high end all-inclusive tend to be ok, but food is most of the time the dealbreaker. Not in this hotel. The buffet was simply said, fantastic! Like I said I am not a big fan of all-inclusive but in a country like Senegal eating outside of the resort is limited. Hygiene is usually not so good and definitely not comparable to home and there are many things you had better not eat.

Fresh fish

And it is a bonus if you eat everything on the buffet menu. Because hygiene is of a very high standard. We were with a big group and I think among all of us we had just about every item on the menu: from fresh sea urchins (ok, I did not go that far…) to ceviche (from that large fish on the left) and all stomachs were ok afterwards. The choice is huge and every wednesday you can enjoy the traditional Senegal food.

Traditional food

All in all I thought it was an incredibly good place to stay and definitely worth returning for a longer visit. On top of that the hotel is conveniently located in the area of the Bandia Game Reserve and the Mbour fish market.

It’s also a good thing that it is not far to fly to Senegal to escape the winter cold. And added bonus is that if you live in the Netherlands there is virtually no time difference and therefore no jetlag! Perfect for a shorter trip!

Disclaimer: I was in Senegal by invitation of the Neckermann Travel Agency but all opinions are my own.

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Simone van den Berg

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Written by Simone van den Berg