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Sleeping: Vuglec Breg – room with a view!

Vuglec Breg | papertravels.com

On top of the mountain

Let’s start with a disclaimre: I have not (yet) slept here. Sadly so I would say as it is a place out of a fairy tale. I am talking about Vuglec Breg, a unique spot that you can only find by following a very steep road on top of the mountain.

Slapen bij Vuglec breg | papertravels.nl

For me it is sadly a little bit too steep (I shattered my right ankle in an accident two years ago and steep hills are a huge challenge) Part of the charm of the area is the fact that you can make wonderful hikes by just stepping out of your cottage.

Sprookjesachtig mooi Vuglec Breg | papertravels.nl

Pulled upwards by a truck

In the winter getting up that steep mountain road is virtually impossible with a regular car. You would just slide back. So in order to get you there you get towed upwards. We even had some trouble getting up with our rental car in the spring. You’ve been warned. But once you’re there…. It’s all part of the charm.

Not too long ago three families Vuglec lived here. One of the Vuglec’s was smart and changed the village into a holiday park. The names of the  previous family members are still mentioned on the houses. Even a little higher on the mountain grandma is still in her own little house. On my question how on earth she would be get down the mountain being more than 85 years old, I was told she still walks up and down the mountain and works in her garden every single day. So you might see her if you’re there!

With your own jacuzzi!

The former barn Imbra is now the place with the prettiest view and a private jacuzzi in the garden outside. In other words, if you’re in the area it is worth staying here for a relaxing couple of days. Make sure you make a reservation upfront as there are only a handful of cottages for rent. The restaurant is a popular place with the locals and they serve their own homegrown wine. We had a taste and it is delicious. The food was pretty decent too.

En natuurlijk werd er weer strukli bij geserveerd!

Because we had to get down that mountain too we didn’t drink more than one glass but we did eat a few bites and of course the local version of strukli. With chocolate this time!

Vuglec Breg

Škarićevo 151, Škarićevo – Krapina, Croatia

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