Stargazing on Tenerife with Night Skies Tenerife


How often do you look up when you’re at home? Maybe you look at the stars when it’s a full moon. Or if you are in a place with very little light pollution. Because only then do you see how incredibly beautiful our universe is.

That is why the stargazing evening with Night Skies Tenerife was so special. We had already sent a message to them in Holland if we could come along on one of the nightly adventures. And thankfully, we could.

We were picked up punctually (at 18.45) from our hotel by Craig. Craig and Kieran run Night Skies Tenerife together. Kieran is the founder and started Night Skies Tenerife. A few years ago Craig joined the team.

The program

The Night Sky Safari starts with a three course dinner at a Canary restaurant. The food is fine but don’t expect too much of the food. The highlight of the dinner was the dessert. It is nice to get to know your fellow stargazers during dinner.

After dinner you drive up to an altitude of 1400 meters for the sunset with a glass of bubbles. Craig knows all sorts of fun facts about Tenerife along the way. So we learned that Tenerife once gave 365 palm trees as a gift to the Americans. Those palm trees are on Hollywood boulevard. Nice if you’re out there with nothing to do. Then you can count if the number is correct.



We also learn that Tenerife not only has the Teide volcano but that there are a shocking 411 volcanoes on Tenerife. And yes, all volcanoes have their own name! However, the Teide is the largest volcano and it is also a live volcano. The last time the Teide erupted was in 1706.

Normally there should be a new eruption about every 100 years, so that means Teide is ‘overdue’ and could erupt ‘any time’. Despite Craig assuring us that wouldn’t happen this evening, it’s still a crazy idea.

The Moon

After sunset we drove a little further up the hill for the place where we would practice the art of stargazing. Craig set up the huge telescope while Kieran explained to us about the universe and what we were actually looking at.

Our first look through that telescope was at the moon. It is quite difficult to look through a telescope. We were allowed to take turns taking a look and luckily Craig also took a picture for us with our own phones, of that same moon. That was easier to look at than through the telescope.

After that peek at the moon, we were kind of screwed. Because you don’t see that beautiful bright image of that moon when you look at two different universes. I found that much harder to see and get a clear picture of what it was I was seeing through the telescope.

But all in all it was a magical experience and a night of stargazing on Tenerife is highly recommended.

By the way, it was pretty cold up there on that mountain late at night so we were very happy with the yellow jackets Kieran brought with him. But dressing warmly is a good idea.

You can do the tour with the vans like we did or you can drive your own car up the mountain. Personally I’m not a fan of driving the hairpin bends in the middle of the night, but hey, if you don’t mind? Then you can.

We as Donald Trump look-a-likes

To finish, Craig took a picture of us under the stars, where we had to stand still for 10 seconds. Above, the final result… Other than looking like Donald Trump wannabees, it’s still a nice memento…. 🙂

Delen is fijn!