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Sunday rant: Press trips when you’re over 50…

Ah the things you think when you’re over 50 and still love to travel and blog about it…. Read my Sunday rant for more general nonsense…

Blogging and being over 50
It possibly makes for less sexy pictures

‘Hi everyone, I’m Melanie. I’m 25 years old and I’ve started a blog when I was 20 as I was passionate about travel’

‘Hi! My name is Suzan. I’m 28 and I only just started blogging last year but it took of right away!’

‘My name is Jennifer. I’m pretty old! I’m 31 years old and started blogging when I was 28.’

‘Hi there! I’m Simone. I started blogging when I was 44 and have been at it for 12 years now…’ No skip that. I usually do not say anything along those lines. I tend to carefully nót say my age. Not that I’m embarrassed about it. I hate getting older, but I am not ashamed of the particular number. That’s something else entirely. But still… when meeting a new group of bloggers I tend to not say how old I am. It usually comes up at some point though. Whoever booked the tickets probably has seen my date of birth. And hence, with a little calculation, can work out how old (or young) I am.

The ‘over 50’ people

It’s funny though that the general crowd at press trips is always young. I know there are ‘older’ bloggers out there (I have to find a better term for that. Older bloggers sound stupid) but you never really see them on press trips. Why is that? Are we not interesting enough? Do people above 50 not travel anymore?

It’s funny really as I think that the older you get, you usually have more to spend than someone just getting out of school. So that would make for a more interesting age group in general than the 25-ish age group for tourism. Correct?

Backpack vs hotelroom

At 25 you want to go backpack around the world, so yes, in terms of destination information you’re the best person for the job. But in a lot of cases the person organizing the press trip wants more than just destination information. They want hotel info, attractions, all that kind of stuff. And that costs money. A lot in some cases.

Of course I am over simplifying things, but I just wonder why there is no bigger interest in 40 and beyond. Are there none? Or do they not like to travel because of family things? I do get invited quite often so that makes it even funnier. I can’t possibly be the only dinosaur left in the blogging world, now can I? O boy… that never dawned on me. Lol (also a word the young do not say… 😉 )

Hands up if you’re a travel blogger and you’re over 50! Let’s start a new era. Ok, seriously; I’m laughing when I’m writing this but I would like to know who’s out there that is older, still blogging and liking it. And still doing loads of travel.

US vs The Netherlands

It’s also fastly different depending on where you live. I know because if you look at food blogger land, in the US there are definitely way more older bloggers. It’s kind of the same as stewardesses. You will not find many above 40 here, but in the American airlines you’ll find loads. You’ll have a hard time finding one below 40. Probably also had something to do with pension-issues. I don’t know, but I find the difference striking.

So all fun aside; let me know if you’re over 50!

I am just realizing that looks might play a big part in all of the above. It’s probably less sexy to have older people in pictures than young sporty types? While looking for stockphotos of older people traveling there wasn’t a lot of exiting stuff. Except of course that very exciting first picture of me… Hahaha…

You will find more posts like this soon in the inspiration category

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  • Goed artikel, Simone! Herken het en ben het helemaal met je eens. Helaas wordt er teveel naar volgers gekeken en minder naar doelgroep. Maar dat mag de blogpret niet drukken. Fijne zondag!

  • Spot on Simone! But that’s also due to the general attitude towards against aging especially in Europe.
    Particularly bad in the corporate world. How can we all be expected to work until 67 but be disqualified as old over 50 when you are a woman?
    Anyway one of the things I like in the US isn’t that age discrimination is not a big issue. You can get a job at over 60, blog, start a company, get a mortgage and go out and have fun listening to and dancing the music of your youth.
    All ages have money to spend for travel and entertainment and marketing targets them rather than excluding them.
    Senior discounts here are awesome and encourage people to get out and spend.
    In Europe senior discounts are associated with wheelchair access and nursing home equipment. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Hurrah for older travelers and bloggers all over the world in every star category.

    • I know right? I had noticed the dramatic difference also – and especially – in bloggers. While there are some here, it is totally normal in the US. And that is so true on the senior discounts here! I almost feel insulted that they would even consider me to be eligible for a discount. Lol…

Written by Simone