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Sunday thoughts – travel and the environment

Travel and the environment: it seems a discussion that is almost impossible to make. What can we do and what is the current state of things? The uninhabitable earth by David Wallace paints a grim picture

It’s a tough discussion; can you travel and still make sure the environment doesn’t get any worse than it already is? Do you travel by foot only (the most environment friendly) or do you still use air travel but compensate in other area’s?

Travel vs environment

With the current state of things you cannot simply ignore the fact that our planet earth is in pretty bad shape. We are – all people combined – slowly killing it. And if we continue along this path, it is quite likely there will not be an earth in the near or distant future. It’s quite a complicated topic. What is the cause of the environmental issues? Is it the feedlots full of cows and pigs? Is it air travel? Is it car travel? Is it human existence in general? Is it…. so many questions. And so little answers.

The uninhabitable Earth

I am currently reading a book called ‘The uninhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace. A disturbing book by all means and a book that tells a story of our possible future. A future, I might add, that is much worse than you can ever imagine. A future with viruses going rampant, heat death, drowning and the list goes on. Not something to get happy about.

I got onto the book after listening to a podcast with the author. While it may be terribly disturbing to read, I also think we should all read it. I haven’t finished it yet, so might update this post once I know the full scope of things.

Since David published the book in beginning of 2019 a few positive things have happened. If anything, the awareness of the severity of the issue seems to finally sink in to people. Governments are actively trying to make changes. If it is still in time or if it is too late? I think the future will definitely tell.

The book can be found here in English and

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