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Sweet coconut pancakes

Coconut pancakes – sweet and delicious Asian treat

Deliciously sweet coconut pancakes

Sweet coconut pancakes

I have a thing when it comes to desserts. I simply cannot resist them. In Asia that doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing, because let’s be honest: most Asian desserts are horrible. Chemical, jelly, ridiculously sweet or a cake with fake cream. You can all find it in Asia without a problem.

Jelly lovers

I’ll never forget that trip I took with my Thai colleagues (I worked for Nike at the time and our liaison office was located in Bangkok) My colleague insisted we go to the locl food court because they had the best desserts there and I just had to try. With high expectations I went along with them and took my seat at a table while my colleagues found me the best thing to have. They came back with a plastic cup… I tried not to be too scared of the neon flashy colors that beamed up at tme. It was afterall the best, or so I had been told. I stuck the plastic spoon in and what came up was a wobbly jelly mass. Mmm, that did not look all that promising, but looks can be deceiving so I put the spoon in my mouth and for a split second I was very tempted to do that thing young kids do. When they taste something they don’t like they just open their mouth and let it fall out. Of course that was not a polite thing to do and my colleagues were looking at me with high expectations.

Maybe not the jelly!
I do not like jelly

I managed to get rid of the weird mass in my mouth. I swallowed and mumbled something along the lines of ‘it was very different..’ I managed to eat three mouthfulls. Quite an achievement all on it’s own. And my colleague was more than happy to eat the rest.

Asian desserts

Funny how desserts or food in general apparently have a geographic thing to it. What you grew up with you tend to like apparently. No jelly for me!

Jelly heaven

Coconut pancakes to the rescue

That is not to say that I dislike all Asian desserts. There are a few fine exceptions to the rule and I will definitely let you taste a couple of them.

The first one are coconut pancakes. The rice flour and the coconut instantly transport you back into Asian moods and they are really very very good! In Indonesia you will find them green with a pandan flavor. That is best added by putting a little bit of pandan into it. You can buy that at the Asian store. It’s pretty artificial but that kind of goes with the territory too, so use it or not. Your choice.

Coconut pancakes

We made them in an Aebleskiver pan (yes really. That is a Danish small pancake (poffertjes) pan of which the holes are a lot bigger than your regular small pancakes but you can of course bake them in a normal one or if you don’t have either just make pancakes out of them. They are best when hot out of the pan, as that will give you that small crispy edge.

What is your favorite Asian dessert? More on our Indonesia travels you can find here

Sweet coconut pancakes

Sweet coconut pancakes

Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 500 ml coconut milk
  • 375 gr rice flour
  • 125 gr sugar
  • oil for baking


  1. Put the coconut milk, riceflour and sugar into a mixing bowl, Add a pinch of salt and
    500 ml of water and mix until you have a smooth batter.
  2. Heat the Dutch pancake pan on medium heat, brush each hole well with butter or oil
  3. Make sure the pan is hot before adding the batter in, otherwise they will stick to the pan. Leave them to bake for about 4-5 minutes until golden and then flip over.
  4. They should be crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside.
  5. Continue until all batter is finished
  6. Serve hot

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