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Ten culinary tips for your next visit of Dublin

It kind of feels like it’s been ages ago that Jody from Ongewoon Lekker and me where out and about in beautiful Ireland. Truth be told it is quite a while ago but I haven’t forgotten the fun we had! And the food we ate!

Today I’m sharing a couple of my tips for eating and drinking in Dublin. We were there for only a very short time but I am definitely planning on going back with Tom pretty soon. Something tells me he is going to love all those little pubs. Maybe not the singing and dancing but a pint of Guiness might do the trick. Anyway, there is loads to choose from in Dublin in terms of food and drink and since we only had two days I won’t be able to share everything the city has to offer. We did do a little foodtour on the day we left so that gave me a bit of a better insight on what there is to do.

So where to start?

Guinness Storehouse

You cannot go to Dublin and not visit the most famous brewery there is. It’s just a must see. I’m usually not a fan of guided tours and you don’t have to when you go here. Everything is pretty self explanatory and easy to navigate. Expect to spend at least half a day here as the building is massive plus with your entrance there is also a taste of Guinness which you cannot miss of course. Getting in is expensive with around € 18,50 per ticket.

Having a boxty at Boxty House

Before going to Dublin I had seen a documentary on Netflix about the food in Dublin and one of the items to have was a boxty. Now what is a boxty you might wonder, as did I. I went into Gallagher’s Boxty house not really knowing what to expect but it’s essentially a savory potato pancake filled with various items. I asked the waitress for recommendations and was pleasantly surprised with my chicken and leeks version.

It was very delicious but also very filling. So if you’re in for a treat make sure you’re hungry before going in. I wasn’t as I had my breakfast just shortly before so couldn’t finish it.

The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot is a small cafe located inside a kind of small shopping mall, the Powerscourt Centre. The building itself it worth a visit but the cafe even more so. Make sure to try a scone or one of their famous bagels.

Dinner at Fallon & Byrne

Fallon & Byrne is a funny place as you think you’re walking into a supermarket. And in fact you are. But go upstairs you’ll find a fancy restaurant and go downstairs and you’ll find a hip winebar where they also serve delicious tapas style food.

Loose Canon wine & cheese

The place where they know all about pairing wine with the best cheese or sausage is Loose Canon. It’s a small shop dominated with rows and rows of wine and a small counter with some delicious cheeses. You can have a glass of wine there, although there are only about four chairs and a little bench outside. Nevertheless it seems to be the place to go to on a Friday afternoon. It tends to be packed with people having a glass after work before starting the weekend. And why not?

Sheridan’s Cheese Monger

And of course what better pairing with wine than cheese and at Sheridan’s they have loads to choose from and lots to tell you about all of them. If you love cheese you kind of have to go there for a nibble and buy some delicious cheese to take home. Or eat instantly.

The Swan bar

Dating back all the way to 1661 this bar is like a little trip to memory lane. A lot of the old details (like a swan in tiles when you enter the bar or the former ladies area in the bar) are still there so it’s worth going there for a visit and to have a whiskey.

Ice cream at Three Twenty

Arguably they could definitely do something about the mood of the place. If you didn’t know what you were going to you might actually think this is a laboratory of sorts. It’s empty with only machines. Not your typical ice cream parlor feeling. But the ice itself is to die for. They make icecream using liquid nitrogen. So the element of the ice are put together on the spot, nitrogen is added which is a cool spectacle to watch and you’re ice is ready.

Cocktailbar The Blind Pig

Before I went to Dublin I had never even heard of a speakeasy but Jody had made a reservation at The Blind Pig and so we had received instructions on how to get to the secret bar. Entering was the most fun part (which I can’t tell you about. Haha) But it’s a fun way to enter and the bar itself is small and cosy. With good cocktails. There is only space for about 20 guests so make sure to make a reservation.

The hairy lemon

We went here for a pint but they also have you’re typical pubfood. I’m loving all the funny names of the pubs. I tried the hairy lemon beer and it was really good. I’m not a big beerdrinker but they have plenty to choose from here. Also it was conveniently located almost next to our hotel, so what better way to start a tour of Dublin then to visit the local pub?

Before going to Dublin we visited Kilkenny which you can find out more here.

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