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Ten things you can do today to help the environment

!0 things to do to help the environment

Being a traveler it is probably one of those things that is never far from your mind. How can I do whatever I can to help with the environmental issues. I know my little steps won’t probably make a whole lot of difference but it’s one of the things that they call ‘Better the environment and start with your self’ So if you’re like me you might want to do whatever you can yourself. So I came up with a list of ten things you can start with today to help. And if we would all do that; it might even make a big impact.

  • Plastic soup... It’s become more and more apparent that plastic is one of the biggest contributors to the pollution of the sea and land. It simply does not dissolve. So using less plastic is a major help. And if you think you’re one plastic bag is not gonna help? Think again. So how to diminish using plastic? First of all; bringing along a grocery bag to the supermarket. Don’t use plastic water bottles but use tap water (filter it where needed) and drink from a re-usable bottle without BPA’s. Don’t shave using plastic razors. Collect plastic trash and deposit in the areas for that.
  • Turn your machines of from standby mode. Yes even in standby mode the machines use up energy. I’ve been known to leave my computer on for a week without even touching it. That is just a waste of energy. So no more of that. Also check your tv and other plug and play machines. You know which ones I mean.
Things to do for the environment
  • Waste less food. We throw away huge amounts of food every day. In every single household. Make use of clever ways to store the food in specially designed containers. Buy in bulk and freeze whatever you don’t use right away. Make a big pot of soup if you have a lot of vegetable leftovers in the fridge. Freeze in portions or distribute around the neighbourhood. You might have an elderly neighbor that is grateful with some home cooked meals.
  • Eat less meat. I’m not asking you to go full vegetarian, but we all know that the carbon footprint of the meat industry is massive. If you do eat meat go for locally sourced, small scale sustainable farms. Better for the animals and better for your carbon footprint. More expensive? Yes, but if you eat it less often you’ll save money anyway.
  • Compost. If you did let the food in your fridge go to waste, don’t throw it in the bin but make a (big or small) compost heap in the garden. Use that to fertilize your garden ground. And you’ll help the environment at the same time.
  • Use a period cup. If you look at tampons, a normal woman would use around 10.000 in her fertile lifespan. That is a lot of waste. Not to mention the cost. An average cup would cost around € 20,-. You’d earn that money back within a month. Not only that, it saves up in the total waste and is more hygienic. Takes a bit getting used to but especially when traveling it can be a life saver as tampons are not available every where in the world. (Obviously you’d need to be a woman for this tip…)
  • Check what is in your cleaning products and if possible make your own. You’d be amazed at the amount of poison we are using in and around our houses, which have a profound impact on the environment. On our bodies even. It’s quite possible to make your own products and help the environment that way. This site here has some recipes to get started. You can even make your own tooth paste (avoiding another plastic bottle)
Help the environment with little steps
Making your own will also save on plastic!!
  • Use your bike more often! Ok, guilty here as it is very easy for me to grab the car and drive short distances. My new resolution is to use the bike more often. Especially shorter distances are environmentally bad! So no more of that. Get that bike people!
  • Grown your own herbs or vegetables. If you don’t have a garden or – like me – only a small garden; you can still grow in pots and pans and save buying stupid little plastic containers with herbs that’ll just wilt in no time.
  • Make your garden insect friendly. Bees are struggling so why not help them along by planting some bee-friendly flowers and make a bee-friendly environment? Or hang a bee-nest (you can buy those in the gardening centre, geared towards wild bees) in the garden. Leave the fallen leaves and twigs and branches on the ground until spring time. That way you’ll provide shelter for loads of insects.
Way to help the environment - bee shelter
Bee shelter in action

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  • I can check all those boxes (except the biking one, where I live it’s not an option), but the environment is not the reason I do these things, at all. I do the them because they are the right thing to do for me. And since I am part of a bigger whole they happen to be better for the planet as well. Everything is connected! I don’t like the saying ‘better the world, start with yourself’. It should say: “take better care of yourself and the world will be a better place”.

Written by Simone