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The 5 best places to spend Christmas this year

Ah Christmas… I’m a total sucker for Christmas every year. Truth be told that it is never what it is cracked up to be, but I can’t help myself when the time comes around again. I just love the festive season, the twinkly lights and the holiday spirit.

Where to spend Christmas this year
Photo: Jakob Owens via Unsplash

Of course when it comes to the holiday season most people would want to spend it at home with their loved ones, but let’s say you are looking to spend some days during Christmas away from it all. My parents are no longer here so unlike other years where we had family obligations those are now mostly gone. So that leaves a world of possibilities open. But where do you want to spend Christmas? What is the best place to go to at Christmas time? I give you my favorites…

Rovaniemi – Finland

What better place to spend a few snow-filled days than the living quarters of Santa himself: Rovaniemi. It’s the capital of Lapland and the best place to do some reindeer watching, dog sledding and general having some fun in the snow. I love snow and while we hardly ever have a white Christmas here in the Netherlands I would love to spend Christmas here! It’s not cheap though and especially during the holidays prices tend to skyrocket.


Would love to stay in a place like this for instance but cheap it is not.

Røros – Norway

Another winter favorite is Røros which transform into a magical winter wonderland when the snow arrives. It’s a pretty little town with lots of great restaurants and some fun winter activities to do as well.

Sleeping in the center

Quite conveniently located is the Bergstadens hotel. I stayed there when we visited Røros and it’s located in the city center making it easy to walk everywhere from there. The hotel itself looks quite dated but the rooms are modern and comfortable. Also – compared to a stay in Rovaniemi… this is much more affordable.

Winter in New York

New York is definitely on my list of favourite cities in the world. It’s an expensive city but the mood, the things you can do… it all makes for a wonderful experience. And what better time to visit the city that never sleeps, then Christmas! Admire the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller and put on your skates to turn some circles.

Sleeping in New York

The possibilities for sleeping in New York are endless. We stayed in an Airbnb last time which was outside of the city center. If you want to stay a little closer to the action you can consider for instance the Chelsea Savoy.

Photo: Chelsea Savoy

Whistler – Canada

It’s been ages but I had the pleasure of spending Christmas and New Years in Whistler in the year 1999. Yes, it’s that long ago! But I can still remember the moment we drove into town at the end of the day which looked like a fairy tale with all the lights. If you love skiing, Whistler is a great place to go to for Christmas!

Like any ski resort there are plenty of places to pick for staying in Whistler and which one you go for ultimately depends largely on budget and location. One that is quite conveniently located with most things within walking distance is the Whistler Village Inn and Suites. You’ll find various suites here to pick from.

Photo: Whistler village Inn & Suites

Kitzbühel – Austria

Back in the day when I went on skiing holiday for the very first time, I visited Kitzbühel for the first time as well. Pretty sure lots must have changed by now but I still have really fond memories of the place.

Photo by Michael Werlberger for tyrol.com

Christmas market

Yes we have christmas markets here as well but without snow, it’s just not the same. So instead hop on over to Kitzbühel and roam the snowy streets with festive lights and a proper christmas market. And do some skiing or hiking the days around Christmas to burn of some of the excess calories!

Sleeping in Hof Hamoos

I also fell a little bit in love with this beautiful guesthouse. It gets top ranks and those views are breath taking! Hof Hamoos has it all.

So there you have my five favorites. Sadly it’s a bit on the late side to still book for Christmas as most places are fully booked by now. I have checked to see if I could maybe squeeze in some extra days between christmas and new years but getting there is major expensive at the moment and finding a place to sleep equally difficult. So I might have to do some better planning for next year!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links.

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