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Eating in Lefkas

The best places to eat on Lefkas – Greece

The best places to eat on Lefkas

The best food on Lefkas

Lefkas is a rather small Greek island and before you know it you’ve seen the entire island. We stayed there in August of 2017 for a week. We had a nice apartment by Eliza was here, Olivetto Villas. A great place to stay, beautiful apartments, great location, with just one but… I love cats and there were a lot of cats around the apartment. Which is fine for me, but the cats looked rather unhealthy. Which I hate. So for that reason alone I might consider not going there again next time. Something to be aware of.

Villa Olivetti

I do realise that treatment of animals is different in Greece compared to the Netherlands. But still. One of the cats was so so skinny and covered with ulcers. Could hardly walk and we are pretty sure she didn’t survive the week as we didn’t see her again after some time. It might have been an old cat but also the little ones where too skinny and not what you’d call healthy. So if you love cats skip this villa or go there and bring a load of cat food.


Our apartment was located just outside of Lefkas city and there are plenty good places for breakfast, lunch and dinner there. We tried breakfast at  Ristretto. A small but good place close to the round about in the city. Also great for a good coffee. We had an omelet and pancakes. And of course drank coffee.


Seven Islands

We loved this – very Greek – little tavern and have been for dinner here multiple times. It’s a lovely place to gaze out over the water (or book the one table that is almost in the water) and enjoy a cool breeze. The food is good too.

Try the fresh fish of the day. Worth it, especially when prepared on the grill. The place is run by a Greek and his Dutch wife. So you can even order in Dutch if you want!


Fine dining and Greece are usually not two words that go together very often. But to be entirely honest; the standard Greek tourist fare can get a bit boring after a while. Yes, freshly grilled fish is delicious and I can eat that every day but if you want something else souvlaki, moussaka and the like quickly become boring. So if you really want something different and are prepared to spend an extra dime then try Thymari.

It was the most expensive restaurant we have ever been to in Greece. Still cheaper than you would pay in an average restaurant in Holland but be prepared to spend something. And make sure to make a reservation as they are popular!


If you want to eat traditional Greek, make sure to skip most of the restaurant by the boulevard. Those are mostly your typical tourist trap. We ended up there the first evening (we didn’t feel like walking and were tired of the journey) and the result was a very disappointing dinner with completely tasteless food. And a piece of plastic from the wrapper (so you already know where the food came from!) in Tom’s plate of bland moussaka.

It’s better to skip the main roads and stick to the smaller side streets if you want some good food. That’s how you end up at Lighthouse Garden which is located in a tiny side street and where the food and drink is good! Retsina!


They call this place; the restaurant in the clouds. When we arrived (picture on the left) there was no cloud to be seen and it was scorchingly hot on the terrace. But all of a sudden – out of nowhere – the clouds came drifting in and in no time you couldn’t see a thing (picture right) Like suddenly being dumped into a thick fog. The food was good. A little more expensive than average but they also have more choice than average.

We had a great lunch and you can watch the paragliders jumping of the mountain while you eat. They drive you crazy at the beach trying to sell the paragliding. Just something to be aware of.

Next to the restaurant is a bar that opened in the summer of 2017 and which is open all day. The restaurant is open only from 1 pm in the afternoon.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. Which means that you don’t have to pay anything extra but I earn a few cents when you make a booking.

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