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The Mbour fish market in Senegal

Mbour fish market Senegal

Fish, fish and more fish

One of the highlights of our trip to Senegal was the fish market in Mbour. Complete chaos but also with a weird kind of order too. Colorful in any case! If you go to the market in Mbour keep in mind that people are not too fond of having their picture taken. With a few exceptions. So make sure you get permission when shooting portraits or just shoot overview shots. Even than they might get angry at you and one of our group was almost hit by a guy who got mad.

I find that always a bit of a tricky thing. On the one hand you want to be able to shoot colorful photos but on the other hand you don’t want to offend any one either. In any case: we managed to make some pretty pictures regardless.


Even if you do not like photography, it is still highly recommended. It’s just fun to pick a spot (out of the way!) and observe people going about their business. An overview in pictures!

Boats at the Mbour fish market
Fish market scenes in Senegal

Mbour fish market do’s and dont’s

We stayed at the Royal Horizons Baobab hotel which is within a reasonable distance of the market. If you’re planning on going; it is always a good idea to wear closed shoes. There is loads of junk on the floor so you’ll not want flipflops here. Be aware when taking photos that it might be considered rude. Ask for permission or shoot wide scenes.

If you’re planing on going to the fish market, make sure to go in the morning. There is probably something to do later on as well. Most of the action will take place early in the morning. Stuff like the unloading of the boats is much more hectic early in the day.

Don’t get in the way of guys running around with baskets full of fish on their head. That will not be appreciated!

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