Three things that will make your trip more fun


Of course this is a very personal thing but for me photography during travel is a must. I have tried without a camera a few times (as the carrying around of all the gear is the not so fun part!) and just took my iphone with me but still… I miss it. And maybe I don’t even miss it in that exact moment perse but afterwards I do tend to think that it would be so much more fun with my camera. Still looking for that perfect travel camera.. The one that is light and easy to carry and doesn’t cost a fortune. O and does have a good depth of field. I hate a regular compact. Just so you know.

Do I spend every waking moment behind the camera? I think not. I love to see things with a different eye and for me that is the added bonus of the camera. And yes the phones these days are pretty good but mostly for quick snaps. Any serious stuff I want my big one. And that is the Canon EOS 5D mark IV.

Three things that make your trip more fun |

Taking the time and going with the flow

How often does it happen that you meet people on the road who are completely stressed out because something did not go according to plan? And the further you move away from home, the more often that will happen. Guaranteed! Transport that doesn’t show, schedules that just don’t happen or are completely cancelled, weather that doesn’t behave… Small or big nuisances; it is all part of the journey. I do usually need a few days to de-stress when we go on a longer trip. I don’t like the ‘three countries in one week’ trips. That just doesn’t make sense. A country can be tiny but it is never so tiny that it takes you just two days to go through it. Plus taking more time and taking it slow will mean you see more and enjoy it more too.

Go with the flow on the road |
Some things you simply cannot control!

I do have to confess that I have the tendency to run around like a headless chicken too. Always afraid to miss something but that is not the way to travel!

Read a little before you go

Lonely Planet  plus a whole host of travel blogs are my standard preparation for any trip. Long or short. Guides like the Lonely Planet can be really handy for practical matters. What are the things I need to know about a country? That can be as simple as knowing if I can get money in certain cities and what the safety precautions are. Local currencies etc. For fun little hotels or restaurant tips I tend to look more online and find a few bloggers I know have good tips.

Without the LP we would have missed this breakfast place in Laos!

I don’t need to know everything but a little preparation goes a long way!

Written by
Simone van den Berg

Reizen doet mijn hart sneller kloppen. Al sinds ik me kan herinneren wilde ik de wereld ontdekken en andere culturen ervaren. Sinds onze allereerste verre reis naar Mexico in 1997 ga ik graag buiten de grenzen van Europa, maar ook dichtbij is nog zoveel moois te ontdekken! Reizen combineren met lekker eten is voor mij de ultieme combinatie. Van al mijn reizen heb ik stapels 'logboeken'. Vandaar de naam Paper Travels.

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Written by Simone van den Berg