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Verona – one of the best cities in Italy!

Beautiful Verona

The weather forecast for the weekend Lugano and surrounding wasn’t really that great. I would arrive on Thursday and from Friday onwards it would start to rain endlessly until I came home on Tuesday at which point the weather man predicted sun… Yes, really… And the Friday did start rather gloomy; it was dry but it didn’t look like it would stay dry for very long. Hermin had to work on Friday so I had the time to myself but in the evening it was time to start making some plans for the weekend.

At the market in Verona

According to the same weather man it seemed that Italy would be better in terms of sunshine and since it is literally around the corner, that seemed a good idea. So we would go to Verona! And what a good decision that turned out to be! It was raining cats and dogs when we left Lugano but the closer we got to Verona the better the weather became.


And not only was the weather good but we also fell into the so called (truffle) butter (well it’s a Dutch saying but it doesn’t translate very well…lol) as there was a huge market with lots and lots of delicacies… And even better; they made us taste at every single stall. And by the look of things we would not need to have any lunch at all. Ofcourse it was the Saturday before Easter so the city was packed but not in an alarmingly or annoying way.. We could still get a spot on the terraces and we could still walk around.

Exploring Verona

Old city

The old city centre of Verona appears large at first glance but it is really quite small, so perfect for exploring on foot. And ofcourse resting our legs from time to time with some food and drinks on a sunny terrace. By the time we were at the end of the market (yes we did stop the tasting at some point) we felt our tummies rumble a little so time to find a lunch spot.

Sampling some of the delicious food

We opted for a cold lunch this time in a small trattoria, of which I have not been able to discover the name. It was close to Piazza delle Erbe but that doesn’t really tell you anything now does it? It was tasty anyway!

Casa di Giulietta

After lunch we went in search of the famous Case di Giulietta or the balcony that became famous due to Romeo & Julliet. There is a whole circus around the balcony which is a bit too much but still fun to see. The balcony itself is the least interesting part of the spot, but seeing how people do their utmost to write their name and the name of their loved ones on the wall is much more fun. The only empty spots available are the ones all the way at the top of the wall and people do whatever they can to write their names up high.

The little piazza (or is a piazza always big??) under the balcony is very busy and people are standing in line to admire the balcony and – I kid you not – touch the breasts of the statue of Julliet. Ofcourse Hermin and I thought it was an odd thing to do and so we didn’t , only to find out that the legend goes that touching the boobs will bring you eternal love (or something along those lines) Darn… Missed it…

Love is in the air

Apart from the namewriting thing, there is a large wall where you can hang a little lock and write something on it. Some people are more creative (or do not want to spend 5 euro for a little lock!) and plaster the entire wall (and trees) next to the locks with chewing gum. And on the chewing gum there are – ofcourse – names again.

Italian supermarket love

Going along further in the shopping street there is a new concept (or I have really no idea if it is new, but it felt new) with the name Eat’s and it is in the basement of a large department store of which I forgot the name as I was only focused on the food ofcourse) . The concept is a little bit similar in look of the food stores of Marks and Spencer but than with an endless variety of products. From cheese, to meats, to pastry and anything in between.

As happens to me sometimes when in front of an overdose of gorgeousness I have a brainfreeze and cannot decide what to buy. End result; I bought nothing… (I did buy things at the market in case you’re wondering!)

There are a couple of Eat’s stores in Italy, so definitely check them out when you’re in the area.

Icecream in Verona
Icecream by Venchi

And we were in Italy, the sun was shining so… you get it; we had to have some icecream. And yes, there are so many gelateria’s in Verona that you don’t really have to look very hard for one and we picked the icecream by  Venchi.

Delicious!! And it inspired us to eat some more later in the week but more on that later!


Except stores, good food, good ice cream and casa di Giulietta Verona has a lot more to offer and if you want the see the smaller version of the Colosseum in Rome than you’ve come to the right place. As you can see the line in front of the arena was long and we do not like lines so we skipped the ancient history..


Verona is on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and is definitely worth a visit… And…come with an empty stomach, it’ll be filled in no time!

Another fabulous city in Italy is Siena!

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