Walking on Texel

Walking on Texel

Walking on Texel

Are you tired of walking already? I’ve got to be honest here. As much as I like walking, if it is the only activity you can do outside (well, just about the only one anyway) it becomes less than fun. The best part of walking if the reward at the end of a nice lunch somewhere in a pretty little restaurant and a well deserved drink. For example. Or having lunch or a coffee somewhere along the way.

But when we were on Texel that was out of the question with everything still closed. Walking was the only thing we could do. Well except cycling but the wind was harsh and cold. So walking was the better choice.

Walking on Texel in the Slufter valley

Walking on Texel is no punishment. Let’s make that clear. There are many beautiful places and the island is small but has a lot of different faces. You can find beautiful beaches, dunes, forest and heather. All of that can be found on this versatile island.

The Slufter

Walking Sluftervalley

The first area we went for a hike during the short period we were on texel (4 days) was the Slufter Valley. If you want to go for a walk here make sure to check the tides schedule. Your hike will be quite different wether it is high tide or low tide.

The total area of the Slufter Valley (or more accurately the valley of the slufter but usually just referred to as Slufter) is 1730 acres and about half of this is under the direct influence of the sea. The area is surrounded by dunes, but is directly in contact with the sea.

The Slufter Valley

Under normal circumstances this Slufter gets about a million visitors each year. Quite a few and even in corona times it was quite busy around the area where the sea comes into the valley. You can’t hike the entire are, a large part is dedicated to breeding and resting area of the many birds you can find here.

Because of the connection to the water the area can be quite muddy. Depending on where you walk and in which season it might come in handy to have water proof boots. The path from the viewpoint is accessible for wheelchairs. The special beach wheel chairs can be obtained from the Slufter cafe.

In the dunes of The Slufter

The Bollenkamer

The “bollenkamer’ is located in the South west of Texel and is an are where you will see a lot of dome shaped dunes. Which is how the area got it’s name. We came here to find Scottish Highlander or Exmoorponies but – as usual – we didn’t find any. Well that is not entirely true, we did find some along the road.

De bollenkamer

De bollenkamer is a very open terrain and because of all the dunes you walk here pretty much protected from the winds. Which means it will be scorching hot in summer without ay share at all. So bring sun protection!

Exmoor ponies in de bollenkamer

Parking for entrance to the bollenkamer is at the parking area near restaurant Paal 9. Also a fun place to go for lunch or a drink after your hike.

Of course there are endless beach walks you can make when you’re on Texel. Along the lighthouse is a must, but there are also plenty of other pretty beaches to choose from.

We stayed at B&B De Moerbei for two nights and one night we slept at Op Oost.

Lookinig for more walks around Texel. Charlotte has a couple and Nathalie from Map of Joy as well.

Delen is fijn!