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Wildlands – away in the Netherlands

Wildlands zoo in Emmen. Fun for a day trip!

To the zoo

To be honest it had been years since I last went to the zoo. It’s not something I am particularly fond of; watching animals in cages. But thankfully things seem to be changing in recent years. And Wildlands – the former Emmen zoo – is a good example.

The zoo is divided in various climates. There is the jungle (Jungola), the savanna (serenga), the nordic (Norica) en Amazia (which is mostly for kids). Each part is completely different in terms of looks. We started in Serenga as I figured it might get busy later on. It didn’t by the way as we were completely out of season. They have a safari experience which – to be honest – is a bit of a let down. It is literally 5 minutes from one end to the other so before you know it, you have to get out of the truck again. I had expected a bit more. Granted it is not a safari park, but still….

Prairie dogs

I fell a little bit in love with the prairie dogs. Just because they run around almost without any borders and are just to cute and cuddly. (not for actual cuddles but to look at!) So photogenic too!

I did find that I am probably a little spoiled. Having seen giraffes in the wild, camels and most of the other animals as well, it kind of feels it is not possible to compare the two. That’s my problem of course and as you can see it looks pretty good.

Especially fun for an outing with kids. There are several attractions you might want to try (there is a roller coaster and a 3D movie that’s fun. You can find Wildlands on Raadhuisplein 99 in Emmen.

Soon there will be more articles in the Netherlands section, so check here regularly!

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